How to Download Dynamics ERP Training Materials from Microsoft

Note: CustomerSource has now been retired, please read this blog about the change. 

There are times when our clients observe certain features in their Microsoft Dynamics ERP and  ask how they can make use of the feature or how it could help them.

Addressing these questions are a bit challenging, especially if  I am not familiar with their exact business processes, and how the new feature would effect their processes. To answer these general inquiries, my first resort is to check for available training materials that I can provide, and instruct them to try it out the feature their test environment. I get the training materials from PartnerSource, but clients can also do the same thing by downloading training materials from CustomerSource.

Where can you find these training materials? Please read on.

  1. Login to CustomerSource (Link is for CANADA and the USA)
Maricelle Banay Blog_07292016
  1. Learn how to access CustomerSource if you can’t log in.
  2. Go to Products > Choose the product version > Go to Learning > Choose Student Training Materials
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  1. Choose the training material that you want to download
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Downloading the training materials will look like this. Try using Internet Explorer if you are having issues with another browser.

Maricelle Banay Blog_0729

In instances where there is no training material to download, another option is to make use of Microsoft E-Learning. The following steps are for the E-Learning option:

  1. Login to the Microsoft Learners Page.
  2. If you cannot access E-Learning, you may not be registered. You can ask your administrator to add you as a user and send the invite. 
  3. Go to Catalog> Choose Your Microsoft Dynamics Product> Choose the version
Maricelle Banay Blog_072016
  1. The List of topics will be displayed for that version and you have the option to add the course to your personal list.

CustomerSource and Microsoft E-Learning are vast sources of information to learn new features and more that Microsoft has to offer. Use them to your advantage.

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