Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions: How to Download & Install Them

There are many different Dynamics 365 Business Central extensions, also known as apps, that you can download and install to add functionality to your ERP. Follow the simple steps below to see how to download and install extensions in Business Central.

Important Notes

You and your Dynamics Partner should review potential extensions to determine what fits best with your needs and current solutions.

Any apps that are downloaded from AppSource should also be tested and explored thoroughly in your company’s sandbox environment first, before installing in a production environment. Read more about creating a sandbox environment in Business Central in this blog.

Be aware that the apps downloaded in AppSource are not created or developed by Encore, therefore we cannot provide technical support for them. The publishers of the apps should have contact information available for their technical support teams, should you need it.

Introduction to Extensions in Business Central

Managing Extensions From Your Dynamics 365 Business Central Environment

Step 1

Search for Extension Management in the search box to see installed extensions:

Screenshot of Business Central showing search for Extensions.

The system will then open up all the installed extensions:

Screenshot in Business Central showing installed extensions.

Step 2

To search for new apps, go to Manage > Extension Marketplace. The page below opens and is connected to AppSource:

Screenshot showing AppSource in Business Central.

Step 3

Search for the apps you would like to download in AppSource. Discuss them with your Dynamics Partner and test them in a sandbox environment before installing them in your production environment.

If you have any questions about using AppSource with Dynamics 365 Business Central, please contact us.

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