Dynamics 365 Business Central | Tips & Tricks Part 3

In this three-part blog and video series, we will share some tips and tricks in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This will be helpful to any Dynamics user who:

  • Is a current Dynamics 365 Business Central user
  • Is the process of evaluating a move to Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Recently transitioned from Dynamics GP or Dynamics NAV
  • Transitioned from a non-Microsoft ERP or accounting solution

Searching and Entering Data, Changing Descriptions on Posted Entries, and Scheduling of Reports

In the video below, we will go over the following topics:

  • Ease of searching and entering data – 0:40
  • Change descriptions on posted entries – 6:25
  • Scheduling of reports – 7:25

Searching and entering data is very user-friendly in Dynamics 365 Business Central. The video below shows how to search and enter data in various ways using a Sales Invoice and Journal Entry as our examples.

Changing descriptions on posted entries allows you to edit a description after an entry has been posted.

If you have a report that you run regularly and you don’t want to run it manually every time, then scheduling reports in Dynamics 365 Business Central can be useful. The video below shows how to schedule a report on the first of every month.

If there are other types of functionalities in Dynamics 365 Business Central that you are interested in seeing a demo of, feel free to reach out to us.

For the other blogs with videos in this tips and tricks for Dynamics 365 Business Central series, please follow the links below:

For an overall comparison of the two systems, read Dynamics GP vs Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Contact us if you have any questions about Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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