Dynamics 365 CRM Gamification – Add Spark to the Daily CRM Routine With Games and Activities!

Did you know that around 70% of Global 2000 companies have adopted gamification elements in their workplaces to improve the productivity of their workforces? Now gamification has become an integral part of many business processes – Sales, Marketing, Customer Services, Product Development, etc. To improve employee engagement, motivate employees, enhance productivity and increase returns, businesses and organizations across the globe are implementing game mechanics into their daily operations. This has opened many avenues, Dynamics 365 CRM gamification being one of them.

And this is exactly what Inogic’s gamification app Gamifics365 – the new Gamification app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM does!

Gamifics365 is a productivity app that aims to enhance Dynamics 365 CRM productivity and adoption by creating an enriching and motivating environment for CRM users through engaging games and activities.

Now let’s walk you through some of the key features of this latest gamification app:

Personal Scoreboards

Players or participants can easily track their performance on these personalized scoreboards of Gamifics365. It has all the information from the total points scored, games played, badges, and rewards earned to scheduled games and targets. This vibrant and beautiful representation of one’s achievement motivates and encourages the players to try their level best in achieving the goals and targets.

Create and Manage Different Types of Games

Playing the same game, again and again, is quite boring. To keep employees engaged and motivated it is necessary to create a wide variety of games that captures their interest. Gamifics365 gives provision to create different types of games like challenges, face-offs, and races for individual participants as well as teams. This ensures participation from all the employees and motivates them to put forth their best performance.

Badges & Rewards

The factors that highly motivate employees are awards and recognition. With a gamification solution in Dynamics 365 CRM, you can create customized awards and badges to bestow upon the winners of the games. Each award and badge earned by the employees will further motivate them to put forth their best effort in pursuing the goals and targets set by the organization.

Mobile App

Keeping up with technology, employees can now join games and track the performance of players through the Gamifics365 mobile app. Be it office, home, or any other place, now employees can easily get details of ongoing games, upcoming games, and the points scored just with a single click on the Gamifics365 app. Now cheering for the favorite team or colleagues who are playing the games is not limited by time and space! You can cheer from anywhere at any time!

Quite intriguing, isn’t it?

In the dynamic business world, as competition gets tougher companies are ready to adopt out-of-the-box solutions to stay ahead of competitors. And gamification is one such concept that has a huge potential to improve the productivity rate and rate of returns of the organizations.

So, don’t wait around! Grab this opportunity to learn about 15+ smart Dynamics 365 CRM apps and technologies by Inogic which will help you to improve employee productivity and gain higher ROI. For more information or to get a free demo on any of these apps, connect with Encore.

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