Dynamics 365 | Voice of the Customer Feature

When it comes to relationship management, getting valuable feedback from your customers is an important step you don’t want to miss. Dynamics 365 (which now houses Dynamics CRM) has an intriguing feature called Voice of the Customer, and it’s more than just a survey program.

With Voice of the Customer you can chose actions that occur as a follow-up to your survey respondent’s answers. Think; a quote automatically sent out after interest is shown in a product, or service cases started after a complaint is recorded. Survey analytics are included as well so intelligence can be gained to improve products, service or future marketing efforts. The surveys can be completed from any device, ensuring that you capture timely and accurate responses.

Capture key metrics in your sales or customer service
Provide better visibility to team members
Trigger actions based on survey results
Report on survey data with CRM data

Surveys with a variety of questions and formats
Scoring that is predefined or tailored to your requirements
Feedback that can be reported on
Themes that can incorporate your brand and colour guidelines
Personalization to enhance customer experience
Action items automatically created based off feedback or scores

Customer service representative has resolved a case
Trigger an email to be sent with a survey
Customer completes the survey
View the results in CRM

Watch this short video about the benefits of Voice of the Customer and follow the steps below to implement personalized surveys in your solution:

1. Upload Your Company Logo


2. Create Your Company Theme


3. Create Survey (Form 1 – Survey)


4. Design Survey (Form 2 – Designer)

a. 3 components: Welcome, Page(s), Complete
b. Once you have completed your design use the Preview and Test functionality
c. Then proceed to Publish your survey and it is ready to use


5. Distribute the Survey

1. Go here for detailed directions on distributing the survey.
2. Example 1: Create a survey activity to manually distribute the ‘Invitation Link’ that gets created after you save the survey activity.  You need to manually populate the ‘piped’ data.


3. Example 2: Create a CRM workflow to automatically send an email with the survey link when a case is resolved

6. Survey – End Result

voc14 voc15 voc16

7. Survey Metrics and Responses

1. Each survey you create has its own dashboard
2. You also have the ability to see non-anonymous responses for each survey


If you’re interested in learning more about Voice of the Customer for Dynamics 365, please contact us. The Voice of the Customer feature is available on Dynamics CRM Online 2016 or later.

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