How to Add A New User to Dynamics NAV from Active Directory

The task of managing users within Dynamics NAV often falls on the plate of the Finance team, as the IT team is not always clear on which permissions to assign to each user when it comes to tasks within the ERP system.

Often, when new a staff member comes on board,  the IT team will set up their new computer, give them an email address, and provide them with access to the Dynamics NAV application.  Now it is your task to add them to NAV and grant them permission.

Here are the steps to add a new user to Dynamics NAV:

  1. Launch Microsoft Dynamics NAV and make sure you have “SUPER” user access.
  2. In the search box, type in “Users” to get to the Users list.
  1. Click on New to add new users
    1. Before you type in the User name and full name field, click on the Assist button beside the “Window User Name” field.
      1. The user should have already been added to the Active Directory by your IT team, click into the Location Field to switch to “Entire Directory”.
      1. Enter user name in to the box and click on “Check Names”.
      1. Select the user from the Active Directory group that you wish to add, click OK to confirm.
      1. Assign user with the appropriate Permission in the permission box below either via the user permission set box below or using the user group feature in NAV 2016.
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