What is Lifecycle Services in Dynamics AX?

Lifecycle Services is a new tool that Microsoft has developed to benefit both customers and partners. LCS allows for collaboration on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 upgrades and deployments. This tool was developed to help ensure that AX deployments proceed  smoothly and with customers having more insight.

Lifecycle Services is comprised of Business Process Modeler, Usage Profiler, License Sizing Estimator, Customization Analysis, System Diagnostic, Upgrade Analysis, and Issue Search.

In this article, we will focus on the Business Process Modeler and the Usage Profiler.

Business Process Modeler

Customers will be able to manage their upgrades and implementations with greater ease by creating a workspace for collaboration with partners.  LCS allows the customer to describe their organizations business processes by using the Business Process Modeler.  These business processes are based upon industry standards, business process maps, and hierarchies. Customers will be able customize these standards to fit their processes.   BPM also has the added feature of having Visio-type flow diagrams of the process and in some instances actual videos of the processes in AX.  Below is an example of a Core Business Process.

dynamics ax 2012 lifecycle services

The following screen now shows the Core Business Process in a graphical presentation.  You will notice on the right hand side under the Properties is a listing of the process steps and in the bottom right hand corner is an actual video showing how the process works in AX.

LCS dynamics ax

The following screenshot is from the video that show how the process is carried out in AX.

Using this tool will help customers and partners to better understand the requirements and how they map out into AX processes.

what is lifecycle services

Usage Profiler

Usage Profiler will allow customers and partners to gather data about the current or future usage, therefore defining peak loads on the environment and hardware. This will integrate with the Business Profile Modeler to assist in creating detailed profiles. Deployment details will be entered into general deployment details of the Usage Profiler. The deployment details is a series of questions which need to be satisfied to help prepare for the AX deployment.  Business Process Modeler data will be imported into the Usage Profiler to provide some of the usage and load requirements and compliment the already entered basic deployment details.

The screenshot below shows that the data from the BPM has been imported, but that none of the Modules have been started.

lifecycle services ax 2012

In the next blog, we will continue to explore the tools that are available to use in AX 2012 deployments.




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