Currency and System Date Views in Dynamics AX

Currency Views

Currency views in Microsoft Dynamics AX can be changed without impacting or changing the data.   The currency defaults are set on a per company basis during legal entity setup.   To display financial information in a currency other than the accounting default currency,  double click the currency code icon currency code icon in the status bar (for applicable forms). This will open the currency converter form.  From here, double-click the “Window handle” icon twice, and notice the balance in the main window update with any prefix associated with the reporting currency.  Then pick any date to display the currency.

Window handle icon

From any form, if the prefix is in the amount column, this indicates the currency view is different from the default company currency setting.

currency view dynamics ax

Back in the currency converter form, click the reset button to remove the alternate currency view.

reset currency view dynamics ax

The prefix is removed from the amount column, indicating that we are back to the default company accounting currency.

System Date Views 

By default, client sessions in Dynamics AX use the current date when entering and posting journal entries or source documents.   End-users often change the date that is used for the current Microsoft Dynamics AX client session.  Use this feature to back-date journal entries or source documents, when necessary.

Note that changing the date for the current session affects the following information:

  • The posting date in all modules
  • The source document date and associated due date
  • The statistics period in which the current posting journal entire or source document is updated

The date resets to the current date when a user closes the client session.

To change a user session date, navigate to:

  • Click File > Tools > Session date and time.
  • Click the calendar icon and select a new date in the calendar.
  • Enter the time.

Alternatively, a quicker option is to double-click the date in the status bar:

status bar date dynamics ax

If the system date is not displayed in the status bar, adjust the end-user’s personalized settings to show the session date.  Navigate to File > Tools > Options > Status Bar, and then adjust the settings to ‘show session date’.

dynamics ax session date and time
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