Dynamics CRM Custom Entity Examples

SwiftRM is a deployment option for Microsoft Dynamics CRM  that is quick and easy to set up and start using. It allows you to set up a custom entity that fits your business model.

When setting up SwiftRM to optimize it for your business, you first choose 5 custom fields to flesh out the usual fields for Contacts, such as:

Then, in addition to the typical Account fields (ie: Company Name, Industry) you choose 5 custom Account fields, for example:

Finally, after specifying custom fields in Contacts and Accounts, you also create a personalized Custom Entity that comes with 10 custom fields unique to your organization.

What is a custom entity? The short answer is it can be anything you want it to be! Depending on your industry and your business objectives, you may want to track any number of things to help run your organization better.

Custom entities provide additional information about your ACCOUNTS (Companies) or CONTACTS (People). Your custom entity is often used to track what your company offers to clients or customers, allowing you to see which products your clients have. However, you could take any approach to custom entities.

40 Industry-Specific Examples of Custom Entities

Commercial Real Estate Custom Entities

Buildings, Tenants, Leases, Commissions

Wealth Management Custom Entities

Legal Instruments, Portfolio Accounts, Assets and Liabilities, Credit Check, Financial Plans

Cattle Company Custom Entities

Animals, Lifecycle, Pairings, Retirement

Insurance Agency Custom Entities

Policies, Carriers, Rates, Commissions

Technology Service Provider Custom Entities

RFP, Projects, Tasks, Milestones, Equipment

Entertainment Broadcasting Custom Entities

Scripts, Production Schedules, Distributors, Ads

Education Services Custom Entities

Classes, Class Topics, Teachers, Students

Healthcare Custom Entities

Patients, Medications, Insurance Coverage, Medical History

Food Manufacturer Custom Entities

Samples, Distributors, Recipes, Ingredients Inventory

Engineering & Construction Custom Entities

Health and Safety, Real-Time Incident Capture, Asset Tracking

3 Ideas For the 10 Custom Fields in a Custom Entity:

Insurance Agency Custom Entity: Policies

In this example, an insurance agency would use their custom entity to keep track of the arrangements they have made with a CONTACT or ACCOUNT.  Each of these fields could be a drop down from which the agent could choose the Automobile or Life insurance policy their client has.

1. Short-Term Disability
2. Automobile
3. Homeowner
4. Travel
5. Long Term Care
6. Personal Health
7. Critical Illness
8. Life
9. Property
10. Liability

Education Services Custom Entity: Class Topics

In this example, a school is keeping track of which classes a student (CONTACT) is enrolled in or has been enrolled in. The field could be Yes/No (the student has taken the course), a grade percentage, or a letter grade.

1. Business Foundations
2. Management
3. Ethics in Business
4. Human Resources
5. Financial Skills
6. Communications
7. Economics
8. Accounting
9. Information Technology
10. New Media

Construction Custom Entity: Equipment Tracking

In this example, the construction equipment leasing company is using their custom entity to track which pieces of equipment are being rented by certain ACCOUNTS.  These fields could be a number – the quantity of each machine on loan to an Account.

1. Forklifts
2. Air Compressors
3. Generators
4. Boom Lifts
5. Scissor Lifts
6. Articulating Booms
7. Vertical Mast Lifts
8. Backhoe Loaders
9. Excavators
10. Wheel Loaders

The possibilities really are endless, if there is something unique to your business that you want to track, a custom entity in SwiftRM could be just what you need. Click here to sign up!

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