Connect Microsoft Social Engagement to Dynamics CRM

Listen. Analyze. Engage.

Microsoft Social Engagement (previously Social Listening) is a powerful, interactive tool designed to help companies become more informed and educated about the social conversations and sentiment surrounding their brand, their customers and their competitors.

  • Listen to what’s being said on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, video and news
  • Setup custom searches to analyze consumer sentiment and conversations on what matters to your business
  • Drive better customer engagement with actionable social intelligence

If you haven’t explored Social Engagement yet, it’s definitely worth a look for companies interested in expanding their social presence and analytics. The eBook, Introducing Social Engagement, is a good place to start for a quick overview and a visual look inside the program.

Can we use Social Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Yes!! While Social Engagement is a very effective standalone solution, you can also easily add valuable social data and insight within Microsoft Dynamics CRM—on dashboards or on any forms, like Accounts or Campaigns. You can add your social data to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing dashboards as well.

Social media is a large part of branding and marketing strategies for companies of all sizes today. Dynamics CRM gives you the ability to manage your customer’s journey from end-to-end and this further expands your capabilities to include the social aspect of that journey inside Dynamics CRM.

Add Social Insights to Dynamics CRM forms:


Add Social Insights to Dynamics CRM dashboards:


To use Social Engagement in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you’ll need:

  • Dynamics CRM Online Spring 2014 or later releases or Dynamics CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or later releases
  • Access to the Social Engagement app in Office 365
  • User licenses for both Dynamics CRM and Social Engagement
  • A connection between Dynamics CRM and Social Engagement

Additional Resources

Great illustration of how to add social insight to your forms and dashboards in Dynamics CRM:

Microsoft eBook: Microsoft Social Engagement for CRM

In-depth guidance for Dynamics CRM administrators on:

  • How to connect Dynamics CRM Online to Microsoft Social Engagement
  • How to connect Dynamics CRM on-premises to Microsoft Social Engagement
  • How to assign Microsoft Social Engagement licenses to CRM users
  • How to reset Social Insights
  • How to add the Social Insights control to a Dynamics CRM entity form
  • How to add and set up Social Insights controls on system dashboards

Microsoft TechNet: Learn how to connect Dynamics CRM to Microsoft Social Engagement

If you’re interested in adding Microsoft Social Engagement to Dynamics CRM, please let us know if we can help.

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