10 Things NFP Organizations Can Do With Dynamics CRM

If you’re an Educational Institution, Government Organization, or Not-For-Profit, your stakeholders are at the core of your success. Engaging with and nurturing your donors, volunteers, members, and other targeted entities is a top priority.  Here are 10 ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you run your NFP:

1. Donor Management

Give your donors the VIP treatment by ensuring that every time your organization comes into contact with them your representative is up to speed on their giving patterns. Capture essential information at the time of first donation, and track the status of your fundraising campaigns.

2. Volunteer & Member Management

See who your most active volunteers are, and enable them to do more. Log and report on volunteer hours, demographics, and their history with your cause.

3. Deploy with Minimal Requirement for Internal IT Resources

Dynamics CRM runs in the cloud, which means that you don’t need anyone to maintain your server. For support, upgrades, and optimizations, you can contact Encore – and thereby shed the yearly salary of an internal technician.

4. Automate Reminder Emails

Keep your cause top of mind with highly targeted emails reminding people to donate, vote, or show their support online. Trigger email sends based on member type, date since last donation, or anything else you can think of.

5. Take Advantage of Special Pricing

Select Non-Profits get a steep discount on Dynamics CRM. Likewise, Educational Institutions also have their own pricing plan. Check in with Encore to see if your organization qualifies.

6. Manage Any Kind of Relationship

xRM is the term used to describe Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s ability to be customized to fit any type of working relationship. This is one reason why Dynamics CRM is so valuable for Not-For-Profits – different kind of relationships require different kinds of data, and Dynamics CRM is fully capable of managing them all.

7. Automate Business Processes and Retain Institutional Memory

As your NFP (or any business) grows, you become encumbered by the business processes needed to support the scope of your organization.

When more people become involved in the process of engaging with stakeholders, Dynamics CRM steps in and: 1) ensures that you’re not spending too much time engaging with individual members, and 2) ensures that you have a record of communications and relationships if a team member moves on.

8. Sit Back and Watch Your Customer Data Flow In

You don’t need a lot of hours to ensure the data inside of your CRM is accurate. Dynamics CRM from Encore & Introhive automates away almost all of that data syncing.

9. Drive New Business Through Cross-selling Activities and Leveraging Existing Relationships

Introhive leverages your employees’ networks, and allows you to increase the reach of your not-for-profit’s message within organizations.  Login to CRM and see who in your company knows individuals of interest. More info.

10. Get More Satisfaction at a Lower Price

Compared to Salesforce, Oracle, Zoho, and BPMonline, Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers the highest combination of functionality, direction, satisfaction, and cost. To learn more, contact us.

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