9 New & Exciting Features in Dynamics GP 2015

Microsoft has recently announced some new and exciting features that will be available in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. Here are our top 9!

  1. Customizable Excel Refreshable Reports

This is the feature that a lot of you have been waiting for! Dynamics GP 2015 will allow you to create customized Excel Refreshable Reports by creating your own SmartList using the SmartList Designer tool. Once the new SmartList is exported into Excel and required format changes are made, it can be saved on the individual desktop or shared folder on the network. Every time you open a saved Excel Report it will refresh and provide you with the most recent data entered in GP.

 customizable excel refreshable reports

  1. Copy User Security, Home and Area Pages Settings

Dynamics GP 2015 provides the ability to copy Home Page Settings, its Content and Area Page Settings from one user to another. It is a great feature that will speed up the new user setup process by simply copying Security, Home Page, its Content and Area Page Settings from an existing user!

 copy security setting dynamics gp

  1. New Management Reporter Navigation List

Yes! Dynamics GP 2015 will have a new Navigation List for Management Reporter. The Management Reporter Navigation List will be accessible from the Financial and Administration Navigation buttons and become enabled once Management Reporter service location is determined in the Reporting Tools Setup window.

The Management Reporter Navigation List will show reports that the user has access to.  This is defined by security permissions and allow them to Edit, View and Create Management Reporter Actions within Dynamics GP.

  1. Open PO Payables Warning

A new warning message will be available in Dynamics GP 2015 when entering a payables transactions for a vendor with an outstanding Purchase Order or un-invoiced receipt.

open po payables GP feature
  1. Fixed Assets Year-end Close Report

Dynamics GP 2015 will enable users to print an optional status report of all assets that are being impacted by year-end close. It will include year-end information for an assets including year to date depreciation, net book value, cost basis, accumulated depreciation and any adjustments that have been made to the assets.

fixed assets close report
  1. Payment Terms Enhancement

New Payment Options will be available in Dynamics GP 2015 including the following:

  • Due date option using transaction date
  • Add days to due date
  • Additional due options
  • Additional discount options
  • Options such as Next Month, Months, Months/Day and Annual
payment terms enhancement dynamics gp
  1. Enhanced Workflow Functionality

Dynamics GP 2015 includes the following additional workflows allowing users to define approval processes that should be completed prior to the process or task that has been approved to be completed:

  • General Ledger Batch approval
  • Payables Batch approval
  • Vendor approval
  • Receivables Batch approval
  • Employee Skills approval
  • W4 approval
  • Project Expense Report approval
  1. Intercompany Enhancements:

The following enhancements have been added in Dynamics GP 2015 for the intercompany transactions improving intercompany transactional processing efficiency:

  • Intercompany Journal Entry Inquiry now provides more complete transaction information including the destination company and the intercompany offset accounts that were used.
  • Void Intercompany Transactions functionality allows to void an intercompany transaction in the originating company with the same transactions being voided in the destination company at the same time.
Intercompany enhancements dynamics gp
  1. Edit Emails for Historical Documents

Dynamics GP 2015 allows users to edit and re-send emails containing Historical Payables Remittances, Historical Remittances, and Historical Receivables Statements that were previously sent to the customers or vendors. This feature is available from the Sales Inquiry Zoom, Purchase Inquiry Zoom and Sales E-mail Detail Inquiry Zoom window.

edit email dynamics gp

If you would like to learn more about the new Dynamics GP 2015 features please contact us.

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