Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll 2022 Tax Updates

This article has been updated with the latest Dynamics GP Canadian Tax Update information released December 22, 2021.

The Dynamics GP tax updates have been released! This blog outlines some important notes, troubleshooting, and reminders for Canadian Payroll 2022 tax updates.

Dynamics GP 2018

  • MicrosoftDynamicsGP18-KB4576803-ENU.msp
  • GP Version 18.4.1384
  • Canadian Payroll Version 18.04.1417

There were not a lot of surprises to this update:

  • Most provinces have increased their Tax Credit amounts.
  • We will no longer be required to populate the boxes 57,58,59,60 with the amounts for CEWS.  If you installed the utility last year, you can either remove it from your set file (best idea), when doing the tax update, or just don’t run it when creating T4s.

For the most recent information from Microsoft, please read the Canadian Payroll Year-End and Tax Updates for Microsoft Dynamics GP article.

Removing T4 Utility

If you choose to remove the T4 Utility, do the following:

  • Remove 7699 – Encore Update of T4 Covid box from the set file
  • Remove the three related lines:

:C:Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Dynamics/GP2018/EBST4EDIT.DIC

:C:Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Dynamics/GP2018/Data/TEMPFRM.DIC

:C:Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Dynamics/GP2018/Data/TEMPRPT.DIC

  • And reduce line one by one.


Of course, this update has not come without its unique problems. It appears amounts for Quebec, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island and the Yukon, have some differences related to the Basic Personal Tax Credit. In addition, there may be some differences in Spousal amounts. If you are affected, please run these scripts. Note: you can run these scripts anyway and they will not affect you if they are not being used.

Update CPY10105/*P_CPY_SETP_Employee_Tax_Credits*/set PBasicPersonalAmount='16615.00000' where PBasicPersonalAmount='16616.00000'and PJurisdiction='SK'
Update CPY10105/*P_CPY_SETP_Employee_Tax_Credits*/set PSpousalAmount='16615.00000' where PSpousalAmount='16616.00000'and PJurisdiction='SK'

Update CPY10105/*P_CPY_SETP_Employee_Tax_Credits*/set PBasicPersonalAmount='11250.00000' where PBasicPersonalAmount='10500.00000'and PJurisdiction='PE'
Update CPY10105/*P_CPY_SETP_Employee_Tax_Credits*/set PSpousalAmount='11250.00000' where PSpousalAmount='10500.00000'and PJurisdiction='PE'

Update CPY10105/*P_CPY_SETP_Employee_Tax_Credits*/set PBasicPersonalAmount='14398.00000' where PBasicPersonalAmount='14139.00000'and PJurisdiction='YT'
Update CPY10105/*P_CPY_SETP_Employee_Tax_Credits*/set PSpousalAmount='14398.00000' where PSpousalAmount='14139.00000'and PJurisdiction='YT'

update CPY10100 set PQuebecMR19Base = '16143.00' where PQuebecMR19Base = '16145.00' and  PTaxableProvince='QC'
update CPY10100 set PQuebecMR19Line12 = '16143.00' where PQuebecMR19Line12 = '16145.00'and PTaxableProvince='QC'

Update CPY10105/*P_CPY_SETP_Employee_Tax_Credits*/set PSpousalAmount='14398.00' where PSpousalAmount='14139.00'and PJurisdiction='CA'

To prove your amounts are now correct, create a SmartList returning all rows from the table CPY10105 (CDN Payroll Employee Tax Credits). Please see Creating a TD1 Update SmartList for details. You can now browse through these numbers to ensure there are no incorrect fields.

Important Notes

Dynamics GP 2016 Customers

There are no tax updates available for Dynamics GP 2016. Support for GP2016 has ended which means you will no longer receive tax or year-end updates.

If you have not already done so, please contact Encore as soon as possible for assistance with upgrading to GP2018. Or ensure you have plans to have this completed before applying the December 2021 tax patch.

Installing the Tax Update

Install the tax update as you would normally install a service pack. It is inclusive of all other patches and service packs since last year.

Last year, you would have moved to GP2018.3, and this year will be GP2018.4. If you have not already updated to GP2018.4 (released in October) all changes will be included in the latest Tax update.

CustomerSource Retirement

As of February 2021, Microsoft retired CustomerSource and moved information to docs.microsoft.com. This means that all downloads are done through Microsoft Docs. See our CustomerSource Retirement article for more information.

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)

So far this year, there is no requirement for CEWS information in boxes 57-60 on the T4. If you installed the utility last year, please ensure it is removed from your set file.


If you are using Blue Moon’s ePaystub (formerly Encore), there are some significant changes. Contact us for more information. If you are doing your own tax update, please refer to Blue Moon’s ePaystub User Guide.

One of the added features is being the ability to produce historical advice slips by using the new SSRS reports. If you are interested in these features, please ensure to read the documentation or ask your consultant for training. For more information about the sale of Encore Business Solutions Dynamics GP add-on software to Blue Moon Industries, please see the press release here.

Mailing to Employees

Please take caution when mailing T4s/T4As/R1s to employees. Check to ensure that an employee’s social insurance number (SIN) is not visible or legible through the window of an envelope or through the envelope paper. If you are interested in acquiring the ability to email your T4s, please contact Encore for further information.

Doing Tax Updates

If you are doing your own Tax update, please see our 2021 Year End Payroll Procedures document, for updating tax credit amounts and running T4s.

If you require assistance with your Tax Update, please contact Encore as soon as possible.

For support on tax updates and the payroll year-end close please contact care@encorebusiness.com. Please be advised that due to the high volume of tax update projects, responses may be longer than normal.

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