Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll: You Own It! Why Not Use It?

Please note that this blog article is also applicable to Dynamics GP 2018.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, the game has changed. It is now easy for companies to quickly and affordably implement additional modules that may not have been available in the past. The Starter Pack that you receive when you transition to Perpetual Licensing with Dynamics GP 2013 still offers the full suite of core Financials and Distribution but also includes additional module such as Canadian Payroll and can be a valuable asset. It is one module that is often overlooked due to the costs involved in previous licensing.

The thought of hosting Canadian Payroll in-house for many people is scary. There are so many myths around the ongoing cost, the errors that can happen and the amount of time required to run payroll in-house that deter companies away from what is actually the opposite.

The primary mission of the payroll department is to ensure that all employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct statutory withholdings, benefits and deductions, and to ensure those amounts are remitted in a timely manner. Setting up an effective payroll system is not difficult. It can be time consuming but it is also very rewarding.

My goal today is to clear the air of the myths of In-house vs. Outsourced Payroll and hopefully, get you to consider taking control of your payroll since it is now included with Dynamics GP. So let’s get down to business.

Why Canadian Payroll?


  • Costs incurred with Canadian payroll are only in the first year with the implementation and setup of your system.
  • Outsourcing costs recur indefinitely.


  • Extra reports, analysis of YOUR data, and viewing data for non-standard requests is FREE. GP Canadian Payroll doesn’t charge extra.
  • Outsourcing fees DO NOT include any reports or additional requests that you may have. Any requests outside of the standard information is EXTRA.
  • When extra reports are required they are usually required in a crisis or audit situation. GP Canadian Payroll is available immediately.
  • Outsourcing may not be able to get back to you for 24 hours (or more).

Who’s Really Doing All The Work?
Outsource Process:

  • Staff enters the data into website.
  • Outsource company clicks the button.

Outsource company bills you for your arms and your legs!

Canadian Payroll Process:

  • Staff enters the data into Dynamics GP.
  • Staff click Calculate, Generate, and Print.

Hmmmmm…this sounds like a no-brainer?

CRA Remittances

  • Yes someone needs to do this
    • But you are not charged for this service in GP Canadian Payroll!
    • Reports provide all the information you need for your Accounts Payable department to cut the cheque.
  • Everything can be automated in GP Canadian Payroll.
    • ROEs, T4s, T4As

Last but not least… IT CAN SAVE TIME!!!

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If you have questions about these, or any of the other new features included in Dynamics GP 2013, please contact us. Our friendly Dynamics experts will be happy to help!

Watch for our upcoming Payroll webinar on June 17.

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