Dynamics GP | October Update Release

As promised, Terry Heley from Microsoft is getting ready for the October release of Dynamics GP, and it is packed full of fixes and features. This release will take us from version 18.2.XXXX to 18.3.XXXX and as we expected, will require compatibility updates with any of the ISV products and Dexterity customizations you may have deployed in your system.

From the release notes:

This release has addressed a few of the top ‘bugs’ reported by our customers that include:

  • Homepage | Maximized tile ignored when moving between areas
  • Employee Lookup Additional Sorts by Division, Supervisor, and Location was displaying data incorrectly (US Payroll)
  • Reprinting Sales Posting Journal had no data returned when filtering by date, if the transaction was posted ‘on the fly’
  • View Workflow History window was not showing final approver name that is stored in WF30100
  • Exchange e-mail in Dynamics GP does not work with TLS 1.0 disabled
  • Inquiry Purchasing by Vendor and Document windows by selecting “Document Number”-Descending is not working
  • Vendor Inquiry window removes County and replaces with Vendor ID
  • Fully applied Multicurrency documents are remaining in PM Historical Aged Trial Balance report

This release also comes with some new features that you can take advantage of: (I have italicized the ones I am especially excited about)

These (features) will be rolled back to GP 2016 at year end time and do require table changes

  • Add DBA Name field on Vendor Maintenance window for 1099 Vendors
  • 1099- NEC
  • 1099-MISC Updates
  • Masking SSN on HR reports
  • Reconcile all years in GL at once
  • User Defined field to GL trx entry
  • Print to screen option for any standard report should open the report window as max size.
  • Disable system print dialog box when printing a Word Template
  • Limit Excel Copy/Paste Decimals Places to Currency Setup
  • Copy and paste for purchasing transactions
  • More to come……

***When we release the 2020 US year end (just like last year) it will include this October 18.3 release too, so customers are aware they are getting more than just year end***

2020 Year-End Update – Target release 11/2020 for U.S. – 12/2020 for Canada

There will be no update for GP 2015, if you require any payroll functionality or would like any of the new features, you should begin to look at upgrade options with your account manager as soon as possible. Please connect with us if you have any questions.

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