Write-offs on the Fly in Dynamics GP

Users can write-off amounts at the time of applying documents.  This can be done in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable!  A maximum amount can be setup on the Customer and/or Vendor cards to limit the amount that can be written off.  The example shown below is in Accounts Receivable.

  1. Open the Customer card – Cards | Sales | Customer
  2. Select the Customer, then click the Options button
  3. Confirm the Maximum Write-Off amount is either Unlimited, or type in an amount, then Save the record
  1. Open the Cash Receipts Entry window – Transactions | Sales | Cash Receipts
  2. Select the Customer
  3. Enter the applicable payment information and click on Apply
  4. Mark the Document(s) you are applying it to
  5. In the Write-off field, enter the amount you want to write-off
  6. Click OK and process the transaction as normal.

REMINDER: You will see in the Amount Remaining field the amount ‘short’ if the cash receipt is less than the Current Transaction Amount.  In this example the Amount Remaining showed $0.02 until I typed in the Write-off Amount.

TIP: The default Write-off GL account can be setup on the Vendor card, or in the Posting Accounts Setup window (Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | Posting | Posting Accounts).  GP will first look at the Vendor card and then the Posting Accounts Setup window.

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