[GP Add-On Webinar Reminder] Find Information in GP 83% Faster with Quick and Easy Google Style Search

How much time do you waste in a day looking up information in Microsoft Dynamics GP or even your third-party products? You know it’s in there, but coming up with the magic combination of words, numbers, or phrases to find it is sometimes another story.

With SmartFill for Dynamics GP, you simply just type whatever you know into the search bar. Maybe you only have a few letters of a name or part of an item ID – that’s OK.

Using Smartfill ensures that there is:

  • No guessing how records have been entered
  • No fiddling around with complicated lookups
  • No anger management intervention needed

Join us on Wednesday, September 24th from 11 am – 12:00 am PST to discover how Rockton Smartfill and Dynamics GP Toolbox (an additional 25 convenient tools) can complement your Dynamics GP implementation.

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