Editing Batches in Dynamics GP 2016 R2

In December 2016, Microsoft released Dynamics GP 2016 R2 and we’re still getting familiar with the new functionality. The release can be broken into categories based on which area of Dynamics GP is being enhanced. Let’s take a look at the lone “system-wide enhancement” included in this latest release: Indicate the name of person editing a batch in the message “Batch is being edited by another user.”

According to Microsoft’s release notes, the new functionality allows for the following:

“There is now greater visibility for showing which specific users are editing batches. If you try to edit a batch that another user is already working with, that user’s ID appears in the message. Previously, the message only indicated that ‘another user’ was editing the batch.”

The new enhancement is valuable because now you can see who is working with the Batch, and see how much longer they will be. Or, perhaps it is a stuck user or process in the system where IT can help free up the Batch for you to work with it.

This development also comes in handy when auditing your Dynamics GP system. Using Rockton Software’s Auditor, users can track what that same user is doing anywhere in the system, whether that be adding, deleting, or changing records in your Dynamics GP system or at the SQL database level.

For example, it may be important for your company to audit who enters and who posts a transaction in the General Ledger. You can utilize the Journal Voucher Roadmap to do this. There is no set up for this. You just need to install and register Auditor.

*Note: Auditor needs to be installed on all workstations that have GP installed on them. To learn more about the Journal Voucher Roadmap, click here

For more examples:

  • Click here to watch a video on how to create an audit group to track PM Vendor Master File information & view Auditor Record.
  • Click here to see a KB article on auditing General Ledger Journal entries and who approved the Batch ID.

We hope you’ll take full advantage of the new functionality offered in Dynamics GP 2016 R2. If you’re interested in learning more about the GP 2016 R2 release and how Rockton’s Auditor can leverage the enhanced functionality, talk to your partner at Encore!

Written By: Rockton Software Support Team

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