What to Do if Your EFT Remittances Did Not Email During an AP Cheque Run

Recently, I took on a few support cases where EFT Remittances did not email during an AP cheque run in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The most common reason for this is because the “Send Document in Email (Print if email cannot be sent)”  option is not being selected when an AP cheque batch is processed:

eft remittances email

To ensure that EFT Remittances will be sent via email, please make sure that the “Remittance Form” and “Send Document in Email (Print if email cannot be sent)” options are selected in the Process Payables Remittance window. To print hard copies of the EFT remittances, also select Print Document box.

***Note: If Print Document is NOT selected, any remittances that do not have a valid email address will print.

Then click Process and Dynamics GP will e-mail the AP Remittances to vendors and print an exception report. The exception report will let you know if any remittances failed to be emailed.

***Note: Click Process Later if you are not ready to send these documents. To reopen these windows go to Purchasing >> Transactions >> Process Remittance.

If the “Send Document in Email (Print if email cannot be sent)” option is not selected, none of the EFT remittances will be sent and after the AP cheque batch is posted, you will not be able to re-send them from this window.

You can, however, reprint EFT Remittances for individual vendors from the Payables Payments Zoom window by selecting “Re-Create Check Stub.”

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