EFT Tables Used in Dynamics GP

Time and again built-in Dynamics GP reports and SmartLists aren’t enough for GP users, so business analysts, developers, or consultants are required to created custom SmartLists, SQL views, and SSRS reports.

A popular report request is a customized SSRS report for EFT transactions.

Below is a handy list of all the tables needed to build custom reports or SQL views for EFT in Dynamics GP:

Physical Name Display Name
CM00101 Checkbook Electronic Funds Transfer Maintenance
CM00102 Checkbook EFT Optional Header
CM00103 Checkbook EFT Format Header
CM00104 Checkbook EFT Format Detail
CM20202 Checkbook Transaction Electronic Funds


CM20203 Checkbook EFT Transaction Batch

1 – pending generation
2 – marked for generation
3 – already generated (not used)

CM90001 Checkbook EFT
SY06000 Address Electronic Funds Transfer Master

(Customer/Vendor Banking Information)

3 = RM

4 = PM

If you have any questions about reporting in Dynamics GP, please reach out to us.

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