Eliminate Those Dreaded Travel and Expense Claims

As a business owner, you have people out on the road for the purpose of generating revenue for your organization. These folks are rarely in the office and they operate out of a mobile office with a smartphone. They are on airplanes, in different time zones, maybe different countries and they spend a lot of money on travel and entertainment. They are passionate about their jobs, they bring in new clients and they are busy people. The one thing they despise……having to sit still long enough to complete the dreaded travel and expense claims. And as long as those claims sit on their desk you have no access or visibility to spend data.

As a business traveler you know the classic scenario:

  • Remember to get a receipt
  • Remember to write on it who you were entertaining
  • Don’t exceed the allowable dollar value according to internal policies
  • File the receipt somewhere safe
  • Complete the expense claim form upon your return to the office
  • Submit for necessary approvals and wait for reimbursement

If you travel often, the trips all become a blur and it is nearly impossible to remember who, where, when and why as you sit down to complete the dreaded expense claims.

With technology you already have and Dynamics ERP you can easily turn that despicable task into a non-event. Your employee satisfaction will improve too if you provide these road warriors with the tools to automate their data capture and report submission.

With only their mobile device, your employees can:

  • Take a photo of receipts
  • Record meal attendee names
  • Review their expense claims online
  • Submit for approval while still on the road

The organization is then provided real time visibility into spending, out of policy expenses are flagged and data entry errors are eliminated. All spend related data is centralized and spending trends can be reported on quickly and accurately.

According to Aberdeen Group, companies whose employees use mobile expense reporting and travel apps save 4.5 hours a month – that’s more than a week each year (54 hours).

Multiply that by the number of business travelers in your organization and just think how much more time they can spend generating more revenue for you!

If you would like more information about using travel and expense solutions with Dynamics ERP, please contact us at Encore.

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