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As an end user of a Microsoft Dynamics solution it is important especially in these times, to get the most value out of your support agreements and processes. While the easy or convenient avenue may be to email support with every issue or question you have, in the long term it is not the most efficient business practice. As a support process subject matter expert, I would like to recommend a few helpful tips to achieve a higher level of user satisfaction, efficiency, and empowerment to meet these goals.

Provide Supporting Details

The first thing that any user should keep in mind when submitting a support case reporting issues, questions, or training requests is the more specific and detailed the better.

What does that really mean though? The following details are the most beneficial to us depending on the type of support request. In the case of issues and errors within your Dynamics environment, it is recommended to provide screenshots and documentation of the roadblock itself. By doing this, you can ensure a more streamlined, efficient, and helpful support process which will lead to a faster resolution time.

Another thing to keep in mind with issues and errors is its business priority level. In other words, is the process you are trying to complete business critical to daily operations for multiple users in your environment? A great blog post Encore Care Support | Priority Levels written by my colleague Lexi Lindway details these priority levels on support requests further.

Process Documentation

Denis Waitley once said “Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.”

Running into errors or issues is common for anyone using their solution the way it was intended to be used. However, that does not mean you should not walk our support team through how you arrived at the error; that is crucial to resolving your issue. This can be achieved through providing process diagrams, documents, or just detailing your current process within the support request. By doing this for your initial and future requests it will provide a more efficient and beneficial process for both Encore and your company.

Define the Scope of the Issue

As a service provider, Encore wants to assist you with your issues within the scope of each issue. To help us achieve this, please detail your request within the scope of that single support request. For example, if it is a training request on Fixed Asset functionality within NAV it is not recommended that additional training requests for topics such as job costing or financial reporting are included within the same request.

Another example would be detailing multiple errors that you are facing within NAV that are unrelated to each other like a journal posting error combined with a question on job costing. Please keep this in mind when submitting support requests so that Encore subject matter experts can handle these in a streamlined, efficient method. Be sure to detail the specific people or users who are experiencing issues or need specific training.

Reaching out for support assistance can be overwhelming at times, but if you keep these recommendations and suggestions in mind when submitting requests it will help your company achieve sustainable success while allowing you to get the most out of your Dynamics solution.

Learn more about the value of Encore Care or contact us for support at care@encorebusiness.com

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