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Our support program, Encore Care, is a valuable service we offer to our Microsoft Dynamics clients that goes beyond the traditional break/fix approach to support. We’ve built the Encore Care program based on the over 25 years of experience we have gained in helping Dynamics users. Take care of your investment in Dynamics by ensuring you are well supported with Encore Care.

Our Encore Care priority levels are one of the ways we make sure to provide timely support when helping our Dynamics clients:

Encore Care Priority Levels

Every case a client logs with Encore Care is a priority. Navigating through each of these priorities is a focus of our Client Support Services (CSS) team.

The best way to understand our triage levels is to think about the last time you went to the doctor. Our support specialists are similar to your physician in that they are excellent at what they do, and on any given day a variety of clients might need to see them for an issue.

Our CSS team acts as your triage department. We evaluate every case that comes through our ER doors at Care@EncoreBusiness.com and we address our clients in order of emergency. A stuck batch case would have to wait while someone with a full system down would have to see someone right away, much like how someone with a broken arm would need a see a doctor before someone with a cold.

Encore Care’s triage levels operate along these emergency lines and are broken down into four priority levels: Low, Normal, High, and Critical. Here’s a brief summary detailing why your case would be classified as:

Low – Your system is up and running and there are no major issues. Everyone has access. You want a report created or a logo changed.

Normal – You are seeing an error but almost everyone has access. You might have a stuck batch, a glitch in a report, or one person needs a password reset.

High – Several people are locked out of your system. You need to process payroll today and can’t get around the errors. Your system is running incredibly slow and it’s impeding on business functions.

Critical – Everyone is locked out. A ransomware attack has happened. The entire system has crashed.

As technology people, we understand how frustrating it is when our system is acting up or we can’t process a report or a batch. In the moment it happens we want answers as quickly as possible so we can keep moving on with our day. It’s no different when you get sick and want to see a doctor so you can start to feel better as quickly as possible. The only major difference is that our ER is virtual! Encore Care processes over 100 cases per week. While each of our clients is a priority, we must follow our triage levels to make sure the seriously critical issues are handled efficiently and effectively.

We know how frustrating it can be to wait, and being in a virtual waiting room can be just as tedious as a real one. But by following our triage levels we create a system that helps us maintain our promise to provide world class support to each person and company we serve. Learn more about the value of Encore Care or contact us for support.

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