Encore Care Support Offerings (Video)


Welcome to today’s presentation. This presentation is an introduction to Encore Business Solutions’ Client Support Services Practice and our support offering Encore Care.

Today I will be reviewing some details about Encore Care, what it is and some extended offerings.

The Client Support Services Team is excited to offer our custom brand of support: Encore Care. This brand encompasses all our client support offerings.

Our goal is to ensure our clients are as self-sufficient as possible with their software and environment, however we offer a team of specialists as part of their extended team to help them when they need it most.

The Client Support Services Team currently offers a number of Encore Care Programs that cover all our Dynamics Products.

Encore Care OnDemand is our most basic support offering, where you can simply call in when you need help.

Encore Care Unlimited Program provides clients with cost-certainty, this paid per registered user offers our clients unlimited support along with some value-added features such as workstation installs and New User Orientation Training.

Similar to our Encore Unlimited Program, we offer 3 additional subscription programs: Encore Care Essentials, Plus and Premium, these programs provide clients a committed amount of hours per month to use for Break/Fix and User Assistance as well those value add features, such as New User Set Up and New User Orientation Training.

There are a number of areas we are currently working to expand in, from adding these offerings into our Dynamics NAV space, and evaluating package support offerings to other products such as Office 365 and Business Intelligence.

We have a variety of features included in our Encore Care Packages.

As I mentioned, Encore Care OnDemand is available to all of our Encore Clients and offers our Clients and their users the ability to simply reach out to our Client Support Services Team whenever needed.

Encore Care Unlimited is available for Dynamics GP, NAV and D365 Client Engagement and includes a number of features.

Break/Fix Support; which is our core feature that supports our clients when they encounter a problem. They can simply send an email to care@encorebusiness.com, or visit www.encorebusiness.com/support and submit their request for assistance.

The User Coaching and Application Guidance feature allows clients to contact our Client Support Team to address specific questions on existing modules and features within their system.

Client Workstation Installations and User Set up features, include us as part of our clients’ onboarding plan for new employees, where our clients can schedule workstation installations and user set up.  We also offer New User Orientation Training as part of their onboarding process. This training is not intended to cover specific routines or processes related to the specific job but covers the fundamentals for navigating within Dynamics and will provide the user with a basic understanding of common functions. This training allows us to gather information regarding the new user and their role to develop customized role-based training.

As part of Encore Care Unlimited, we provide Cloud Consults, ensuring our clients are taking advantage of cutting edge technology.

Lastly, clients benefit from a small Software Discount on all Dynamics purchase.

Our Essentials, Plus and Premium Programs are designed to support our clients and their users based on a committed amount of hours per month to assist that clients needs each month, and cost certainty for our clients, and ensure we maintain a constant connection with our clients and their users. These programs include many of the same features as our unlimited program.

The Client Support Services Team also offers extended services for Encore Care Unlimited Program for GP:

+ Upgrades allows you to roll your upgrade in with your program, simply sign up for 2 years and receive an upgrade.

+ Payroll Updates can be included as part of your program and covers mid-year and year end updates.

We are looking at providing other extended offerings as part of our programs – which may be driven through consistent demands from you, our clients. Today we are finalizing a Quarterly System Performance Checklist for both our Unlimited and Subscription programs.

We are excited about our current offerings and look forward to more clients signing up. If you are interested in an Encore Care Program, or have questions about our process or programs, please reach out to us at care@encorebusiness.com.

We thank you for taking the time today to learn more about Encore Care.

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