Encore Care Support Process (Video)


Welcome to today’s presentation. This presentation is an introduction to Encore Business Solutions Client Support Service Practice and our support process.

In today’s agenda, we will be reviewing Encore’s Client Support Services’ Support Process including how to reach us, our 7-steps to resolution and Priority Case Management.

The Client Support Services Team is excited to offer our custom brand of support: Encore Care.  This brand encompasses all our client support offerings.

Our goal is to ensure our clients are as self-sufficient as possible with their software and environment, however we offer a team of specialists as part of their extended team to help them when they need it most.

We currently provide 3 methods to contact our support team, and are available to assist our clients Monday to Friday 8:30 to 7 Central or 6:30 to 5 Pacific – 9.5 full hours a day allowing us to support our clients in multiple time zones.

Encore Care follows a 7-Step Support Process starting with the Client initiating the request. Upon receiving the request, our relationship officers review the inquiry and create the case.  As part of the dispatch process they evaluate and prioritize based on the inquiry, on the type of issue experienced or expressed urgency by the client.

Our Priority Levels are consistent with all our support programs to ensure we are supporting the most urgent requests first, and are divided into 4 levels.

Priority 1 is for Critical requests where there is a complete system outage of the production system, or where time sensitive actions such as payroll cannot be completed.

Priority 2 are for when the system is functioning but services are degraded, significantly affecting all areas of business operations.

Priority 3 are for non-critical issues, where much of the system is operating as normal and users can continue to run the system but small errors or issues are being encountered.

Priority 4 is for non-support related requests such as features or functions questions, installations, or non-production environments.

So, once it is confirmed that the inquiry is support related, a case is created and the priority is set, the dispatcher physically sends an acknowledgement to the client which includes the case number as well any additional questions to help gather further information, such as screen shots, modules, and expected results.  At this point the case has been created and listed in our Unassigned Queue.

Once a case is place in the Unassigned Queue, our relationship officer reaches out to the dedicated First Responder or group of support team members informing them of the new case.

Once the Consultants views the open Unassigned Cases they take ownership of the case through a number of steps in CRM such as changing the owner to themselves and adjusting the status to remove the case out of the unassigned queue.

Once a consultant takes on the case, they reach out to the client to begin addressing the inquiry. There are a number of solutioning steps that they take depending on reported inquiry.  Such as meetings, research, testing and escalation.

Upon determining the solution to the reported request, the next step is executing the solution. Once our consultants have determined a solution or workaround it’s a matter of executing it in the environment and receive confirmation from the client that it has corrected the reported issue.  As you know this could be an iterative process with Solutioning whether or not the initial solution corrected the reported issue.

Upon solving, we confirm resolution acceptance from the end user, final resolution is documented and the case will be closed as completed within CRM.

These steps are key to successful resolution, and through these steps ensure we provide world class support.

We want to thank for taking the time to learn more about how we support you.  If you have any questions, please contact us at care@encorebusiness.com.

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