Encore Care | Our Vision for Our Clients

The Encore name is a vision and a promise to our clients that they will have an exceptional experience with our team, each and every time.

Through that vision we have developed a leading solution to support our clients called Encore Care. Our Care program is committed to providing you the business solutions and knowledge you need for your business.

Here’s what you can expect from Encore Care with each tier of support:

OnDemand   – Our basic tier billed per hour. Clients can expect Break-Fix support when users have malfunctions or errors in current applications. This tier also includes Basic User Coaching and Application Guidance for programs already deployed within your organization.

Essentials, Plus, or Premium   – Billed with a guaranteed amount of support hours per month depending on your choice of program. Essentials is 5 hours guaranteed per month of support, Plus gives you 10 hours per month, and Premium comes in at 20 hours per month. These programs each include OnDemand benefits plus New User Orientation Training and Quarterly Usage Reports. New User Training is a full onboarding experiencing with Client Workstation Installs, New User Set Up, and a full 20-point Orientation to cover all the basics in your program. Our Benchmark Quarterly Usage Report provides you with a complete overview of your company’s support usage and gives you a clear understanding of your user’s needs and where training might be needed.

Best Value:

Unlimited   – Billed per user, Unlimited provides the greatest value to our client base. This support tier includes everything listed above and billed at a flat rate per user. With Unlimited Support through Encore, you can expect to have everything you’ll need to onboard new employees; from User Set Up and Training to Break-Fix support for everyday types of errors or malfunctions. Unlimited also provides the great benefit of Software Discounts on all new Dynamics Software Purchases, and one Free Cloud Migration Consult with our certified Cloud Architect.

The best place to start is to just remember CARE:

Consider which tier is best for you and your business

Activate your Support contract with our Client Engagement Team and Care Team

Reach out any time you need support. Just email Care@EncoreBusiness.com. That’s it!

Encore – Expect exceptional service again and again through your Encore Care support program

Consider. Activate. Reach Out. Encore.

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