What Encore Clients Have to Say About Microsoft Convergence

There are many reasons that we recommend attending to Convergence, the premier event for Microsoft Dynamics, at least once to our clients. The learning, networking and experiencing the latest technology are benefits we continuously promote.

Encore clients that have attended Convergence in the past seen value in these benefits too. Here are some of their thoughts on the events.


“Convergence was a really great learning experience. The speakers were fantastic: I came away with a lot of ‘tricks of the trade’ that will make our jobs easier on a day-to-day basis.”
— Mark Peterson, CFO

“There’s going to be a definite savings in the investment of time with the reporting tools I learnt about at Convergence. These reporting tools are very helpful and I’m keen to see how they work. … You need to share the knowledge you gain from Convergence with your organization. I’d also switch the people attending so that it’s not always the finance team – it could be Production, IT or even Products. They’ll all be able to learn something.”
— Ravi Prathivathi, Controller/Manager, Finance and Administration, College of Nurses of Ontario


“I can use the contacts I made at Convergence to influence my decision makers. Putting a CFO from another company in contact with my CFO is great.”
— Mark Imach, IT Manager, Total Oilfield Rentals LP

“Networking was a great part of Convergence – with both independent software vendors (ISVs) and other Microsoft Dynamics GP users.”
— Merdan Hojanepesov, Business System Specialist

“We went to Convergence with questions for Microsoft employees and we had them answered. Now we’re in the process of implementing the suggestions and things are working. The price was right – free!”
— Mark Peterson, CFO

Experiencing the Latest Technology

“I loved the exposure to the Microsoft Dynamics world! It was a great experience.”
“Convergence was an opportunity to learn what’s happening with Microsoft Dynamics – what’s new, what integrated products are out there. It was a big exposure to the Dynamics world.”
— Merdan Hojanepesov, Business System Specialist

“What drove me to Convergence was the need to see what we could expect in the future versions of Microsoft Dynamics – where the product lines are going and understanding the product roadmaps.”
— Mark Imach, IT Manager, Total Oilfield Rentals LP

Hopefully these comments have helped you understand just how impactful Convergence can be on you and your business. We hope that you’ll join us this year in Atlanta!

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