Encore Talks: FAQ’s about Summit, the Dynamics User Group Conference

We sit down and answer some of the most common questions we’ve received about attending Summit, the Dynamics User Group Conference taking place in Orlando, FL this October 15 to 18. The Encore Team will be there so look for us at our booth #327.

In this video we answer:

  1. Can I attend all User Group sessions, even if I am signed up to one User Group?
  2. Do I have to select the sessions I want to attend beforehand?
  3. How do I plan my days at Summit?
  4. How will Encore help me navigate Summit?
  5. Can I get CPE credits for attending sessions?
  6. Can I watch sessions after Summit?
  7. Is there any discount code for registering? Yes! it’s PRPEncore


Nicole: Hey, everyone. Encore here again. So we did a video back in June talking a bit about the Summit User Group Conference, that’s the one that’s happening in October this year in Orlando, Florida. So, we said we were gonna come back and do another video talking about some of the common questions that clients are coming back to us with in relation to Summit. So, today, we’re just gonna talk about some of the frequently asked questions that we get and just kind of go over those to give people a better idea of what they can expect.

Tess: Yeah. So, our first question is, can I attend all user group sessions even if I’m signed up to one user group?

Nicole: Yes. So, basically what’s gonna happen is, when you register online, you’re gonna register under kind your main solution of choice, so, you can register under GP for example and then you’re free to attend any of the sessions under any of the other solutions. So, yeah, don’t stress about going into, you know, a BI session and fear being kicked out, that’s not how it works, you’re free to attend whichever sessions you wish to.

Debra: And remember, that’s what this experience is all about. It’s about exploring new applications, being able to look at the different solutions that Microsoft is offering, and being able to see how to roadmap that for your organization.

Nicole: And how they integrate, like that’s kind of the whole, you know.

Debra: It’s all about the platform.

Nicole: Right, exactly.

Tess: Yeah. Our second question is, do I have to select the sessions I want to attend beforehand?

Nicole: No, you definitely don’t. You know, we highly recommend preplanning just because I don’t know about anyone else, but, it stresses me out to not have a plan in place. You know, conferences are busy enough, you don’t want to be scrambling last minute. But in terms of like signing up for the sessions, it’s first come, first serve in those sessions, so don’t worry about having to sign up.

One thing I do stress though is, if you are building out your sessions kind of a bit in advance, I would put, you know, two to three sessions probably in each time block just in case, you know, you try to go to the first or second one and they’re both full, that’s sometimes how it works over there. But you just kinda gotta go with the flow and there’s tons of other awesome sessions to check out, so.

Tess: Our third question is, how do I plan my days at Summit?

Debra: You can actually start planning that now. You can access the Summit website and be able to look at the schedule, start looking at the different sessions that are available to you, what kind of interests you, and then you can even start exploring something that maybe you hadn’t considered before. So, being able to reach out to your account manager, or contacting Nicole or myself, we’re pleased to be able to help you prepare for that.

As well as 30 days before Summit, there is a mobile app that is released that’ll help you as well to be able to see what you’ve selected, what you’re registering for, and be able to help plan those alternate sessions that you want to go to. It is my favorite part, it is such a great addition having that mobile app.

Nicole: Yeah. The app is great because you’re not carrying a bunch of extra papers. Like we said, your swag bag is full, you don’t need additional things to be carrying around with you. You know, so the app, it’s, you know, everyone these days has a phone, it’s just in the back of your pocket. Yeah, it’s just a lot easier, they’ve made it a lot easier.

Tess: That’s awesome. How will Encore help me navigate Summit?

Nicole: That’s a big question.

Debra: So, again, from preplanning point of view, as I just mentioned, we can be able to help you right up until the day of attending Summit. There’s a lot of events that we can be able to help recommend as you’re preparing for Summit. And then once you actually hit the ground and you start running.

Nicole: Yeah. If we know exactly what you’re looking for, we definitely can make some really good recommendations on who to go talk to. Encore has a crew that’s going this year too, so, you know, by the end you’ll know who all of us are, we like to exchange phone numbers as well, whether it’s, you know, amongst the clients, amongst ourselves, we want to make sure that everyone is safe, having a really good experience at Summit. You’re always gonna have somebody to reach out to you even, you know, a lot of companies sometimes will send one person by themselves. We just want everyone to feel like, you know, they’re part of a group, and that they’re not alone and we’re there to help.

Debra: Because, remember, Encore is here to support you on this journey going to Summit. As Nicole had mentioned, there’s a lot of events that we are even gonna recommend going to, as well as the expo floor. Please don’t forget about participating in the expo floor, that is a great opportunity to be able to meet vendors, to be able to meet new people that will be able to help you with solutions or functionality that you’re seeking.

Nicole: Yeah. Encore’s booth is 327, so if there’s ever a time where you’re not sure where anybody is and you need to, you know, want to have a chat with somebody, want to go for coffee even, come find us, that’s where most of us will be for the most part. And then also, we do, like I said, we like to get everyone kind of, you know, meeting together. We’ll do sometimes, you know, we’ll get together for some drinks in the evening, again, just to get everyone together, you know. We want you to get the most out of that experience and it’s a lot more fun when you’re not by yourself.

Debra: It’s a great networking opportunity to be able to look at the rest of the Encore family and partnership.

Nicole: Absolutely.

Tess: That’s awesome. Our next question is, can I get CPE credits for attending sessions?

Debra: Definitely. So, when you’re doing your preplanning, make sure you look at these sessions to see which ones have been selected that’s available for CPE credits. And I do believe that you need to complete a survey at the end of the session to be able to redeem those credits.

Tess: Our next one is, can I watch sessions after Summit?

Nicole: Yes. So I believe actually some presenters actually have the option to upload their slide decks before Summit even happens. So it’s kinda cool, because if there’s some available, you’re more than welcome to go and check them out in advance. And then, for sure, a majority of them should be available after the conference so you’re not running through sessions scrambling, trying to write down notes. Don’t worry, all that stuff will be online so that you can take a look at it when you’re fresh minded back at the office.

Debra: And a great addition to that is, previously on the mobile app they released the PowerPoint decks on there as well, so it’s great even for end-of-day, if you wanted to review some of the sessions that you’re going through, to be able to create some future planning for yourself, or even reach out to some of the presenters if you have any questions. It’s a great resource to the mobile app.

Nicole: Everyone is very friendly and very helpful. So if there’s ever any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone, that’s what they love to do.

Tess: Yeah. And there’s a new thing this year where, if you add the recordings to your registration, you can watch some of the sessions afterwards, but the only ones that are gonna be recorded are the ones with the little video icon beside the sessions.

Nicole: Good to know

Debra: That is so great.

Tess: Yeah. So, that’s new this year. Is there any discount code for registering?

Nicole: Yes. So, Encore has a special discount code, PRPEncore. So feel free to use that, it gets you 10% off that registration. And I believe right now we’re in our kind of last discount tier up until September 5th, I believe it is, and then it goes up $200. So, if you’re still thinking of registering, if you can do it before September 5th, you’ll save yourself $200, and then 10% off on top of that. Yeah.

Tess: It saves the time. All right, well, that’s all the questions that we have to answer. So, join us in late October as we talk about the Summit experience and talk about our conference highlights after attending. So, we hope to see you there.

Nicole: Thank you.

Debra: Have a great day.

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