Encore’s 5 Most Popular AX How-To Blog Posts of 2015

If you are a Microsoft Dynamics AX user, you will likely find some useful information below. Read on for the 5 most popular AX how-to blog posts in 2015, written by Encore’s Andrea Jordan.

5. Managing and Closing Windows and Forms in Dynamics AX

Learn how you can conveniently and functionally manage all of your open forms in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

4. About Task Recorder in Dynamics AX

Task recorder in Microsoft Dynamics AX quickly documents business processes like the purchase order cycle, or tasks like generating free text invoices. Learn how to create videos or documents with task recorder here.

3. Currency and System Date Views in Dynamics AX

The currency views in Dynamics AX can be safely changed without impacting your data. The system date views can be used to back-date journal entries or source documents if necessary. Learn how to use both of these views here.

2. How To Open A Development Workspace in Dynamics AX

Read about how you can open a Development Workspace in Dynamics AX which provides tools to create and edit application elements.

The most popular how-to blog post for Dynamics AX was:

1. Filters in Dynamics AX by Grid and With Cues

Learn how to use the most powerful view in Dynamics AX, filter by grid.

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