Encore’s Partner, Customer, and Employee Appreciation Week

Throughout the history of Encore, much has changed but much has stayed constant and it’s been a combination of those things that have enabled the growth and success that we see today. Our 25 year milestone was reached on the backs of many and next week, we’re taking the time to recognize and show appreciation to all those who’ve had a hand in getting us to where we are today.

In addition to getting the opportunity to thank our local customers face-to-face at our events in Winnipeg and Vancouver on the 30th and 1st, we’re using the rest of next week, each day in fact, to celebrate the other ‘VIP’s’ in Encore’s history and present day success.

We’ve achieved what many other companies set out to do but didn’t get the opportunity to accomplish, all thanks to:

  • the dedicated partners who sell and promote our products,
  • the customers who trust us enough to continue to allow us into their workplaces every day to help them run their businesses better, and
  • the talented and committed team who work tirelessly to provide the best service and support to our customers.

Check out our event in Vancouver, or our event in Winnipeg, as well as special prizes and acknowledgements that are scheduled all throughout next week:


Whether you are a partner, customer, or employee – please join us as we say THANK YOU for 25 years of partnership!

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