Microsoft Dynamics ERP Pricing

Pricing for a Dynamics ERP solution can be complex. Most of the options work on per user per month licensing, but some have perpetual licensing too.

This quick chart shows common license prices for the 2 modern “Dynamics 365” ERP solutions and the 3 preceding on-prem versions. For further info, click on the product name in the chart or just scroll down.

Dynamics ERP Product
$70.00 USD/user/month
($95.00 CAD)
$210.00 USD/user/month
($268.80 CAD)
$70.00 USD/user/month
($91.50 CAD)
plus hosting
$65.00 USD/user/month
($71.25 CAD)
plus hosting
$4,500/user perpetual

For all of these prices, there are details and exceptions. See below for further information and links to more resources.

Please note that all pricing is subject to change without notice. Always contact Encore for the most current product pricing, and for specific advice tailored to your situation.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Pricing

Business Central licenses start from $70.00 USD/user/month ($95.00 CAD) for Business Central Essentials.

There are also premium licenses, team member licenses, and promotional pricing for some companies. Read our detailed licensing and pricing answers for Business Central.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is Microsoft’s cloud-based ERP solution aimed for growing small and medium-sized businesses.

Resource — Dynamics 365 Business Central Licensing and Pricing Answers

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Pricing

Finance & Operations licenses are usually $210.00 USD/user/month ($268.80 CAD) for a full user. There are also team member licenses, device & activity licenses, and more.

For an explanation of the various license types, and a breakdown of the cost, see our detailed licensing and pricing answers for Finance & Operations.

Finance & Operations is Microsoft’s cloud-based ERP solution aimed for large or diversified companies.

Resource — Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations: License Pricing Explained

Note: Even though most customers, commentators, and consultants still call it Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Microsoft now technically licenses it as Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management.

Dynamics GP Pricing

GP subscription licensing starts from $65.00 USD/user/month ($71.25 CAD). You may also need hosting. For GP hosting, we charge $1,650/month for a company with 14 or fewer users and $2,000/month for 15+ users. Perpetual licensing starts from $5,000 USD for 3 users ($6,167 CAD).

Many GP customers are now moving to Business Central. At Encore we support many customers on GP, and we also help those who are ready to transition to Business Central.

Resource — Comparison of Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central

Subscription pricing for NAV licenses is $70.00 USD/user/month ($91.50 CAD) plus hosting. You may also need hosting. We offer NAV hosting at $1,650/month for 14 or fewer users and $2,000/month for 15+ users.

It’s also possible to buy perpetual NAV licenses — $5,000 USD ($6,167 CAD) for 3 users.

Note that NAV licenses cannot be purchased for new implementations. But existing NAV customers can still buy licenses. Many NAV customers are transitioning to the successor to NAV: Dynamics 365 Business Central. Encore supports customers on NAV, including those ready to move to Business Central.

Dynamics AX Pricing

Dynamics AX licenses are around $4,500 for 1 perpetual license (same price CAD or USD). Exact price will depend on your version of the software and license. Speak to a Dynamics Partner for advice and assistance.

Customers cannot buy AX licenses for new implementations. However, existing customers can still buy more licenses.

Many companies currently using Dynamics AX are considering a transition to Finance & Operations, which is effectively the next version of AX. Encore supports customers on AX, and also offers upgrade services for moving from AX to Finance & Operations.

There is a 40% license pricing discount available for most companies moving from AX to F&O. Contact Encore for details of how the offer may apply to you.

Resource — Comparison of Finance & Operations and Dynamics AX

Dynamics ERP Implementation Costs

The cost of Dynamics ERP implementation ranges from around $16,000 to $1,000,000+. The price depends mainly on the following:

  • Your company size
  • The specific software that is best for you
  • The amount of customization
  • The quality of the professional services your partner provides

As a Dynamics implementation partner, we have worked across the whole range of project sizes.

An implementation project includes configuration, customization, project management, training, and professional guidance. Contact us for an estimate of what an ERP implementation would cost you, and how it can elevate your business processes.


There are three main costs that you will incur for a modern Microsoft Dynamics ERP:

  1. Licencing costs, depending on the solution, number of users, license type, and promotional pricing.
  2. Professional services for implementation or upgrade, which can vary from tens of thousands to millions of dollars (depending on the complexity of your business and the project)
  3. Support after go-live, which Encore offers through our Encore Care support program.

For a broad summary of licensing, see Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 pricing page. There is also very detailed information in the Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide PDF. The PDF is around 60 pages, and is usually updated monthly.

To get specific advice about how to strategically choose the best Dynamics pricing and licensing for your business, contact us or another experienced Dynamics partner.

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