Expand Fields Available in Dynamics GP

In this article I will share how we can help you gain access to more user-defined fields on every Dynamics GP window without any additional maintenance costs or purchasing any additional third-party products like Extender.

We will accomplish this by using the notes field available on every Dynamics GP window. Using this technique, any window can have multiple user-defined fields.

For example, I am using the note field next to Document Number on the Sales Transaction Entry window. I can put these on any of the note fields on this window. They can also be put on the master records, like Item Master, that eventually get rolled down to the Sales Item level.

User Defined 1, User Defined 2 and User Defined 3 will be the title of the data you want to store, eg. Exchange Rate, Duty Rate, Expiry Date.


We will then extract this data from the notes using SQL. We run SQL jobs that parse the data from notes and populates them in the newly created tables.

Please contact us if you’d like to have more user-defined fields on your Dynamics GP windows without any add-on products or installations.

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