The Experience Continues at GPUG Summit

GPUG Summit Day 2 started with as much excitement as Day 1.  Opening session was divided by business lines.  The GPUG group was awesome and people were eager to hear What’s Next for Dynamics GP.  It is wonderful to note that service packs will now include new functionality and not just fixes.  Every service pack will be like opening Christmas presents! – With surprises galore!

The future of GP 2014 H1, will move to a Windows 8 app.  This means that any cell phone or tablet that runs Windows 8 will be able to access GP from anywhere, using this new app!

GP 2015 is expected to provide (in addition to many other features) the opportunity for us to build our own apps!  This means you design it, you deploy it, and people outside of GP can use it!

Session Recap

Multicurrency Mysteries

Did anyone ever tell you that if you could spell Multicurrency, you were an expert!  Well think again.  Debbie Clark from eOne had some exciting best practices to share!  Knowing this will ensure everyone’s Multicurrency processes are in perfect tune and GAAP compliant!  This is really great information for anyone using Multicurrency since there seems to be many myths out there that no one is checking!

Revolutionize your Reporting and Budgeting for Microsoft Dynamics GP with BI360

There are many ways to enhance GP’s Budgeting capabilities.  This product introduces a simple and effective way to enter, display, slice and dice budgets!  Using the familiar Excel report, BI360 adds its own ribbon and functionality to this already familiar program.  Forecasting and budget management becomes a breeze when using reporting tools like this one.

 Building Project Management Processes for Successful Upgrades and Projects

Sure Step!!  Christina Philips simplified the use and usefulness of this powerful program!  Ever wondered how to make your project work?  Why it wasn’t going very smoothly? How to handle adverse situations and results?  This program provides the tools to make every project no matter how large or small a success by taking the time to simply run through the steps!

 OneNote Wonders

Those who wandered away from Dynamics for a moment, were treated to the workings of OneNote!  We all have it!  It comes with Microsoft Office.  It can be used to organize, link (to just about anything) copy, remind (straight from tasks in Outlook), copy text from scanned documents….and the list goes on!  The challenge will be to learning this program well enough to take advantage of all the really cool features!

 Going Deep with SmartList Builders

Ever wish you could design your own SmartList, Navigation List, or Excel Refreshable report?  Now you can.  If the data is in the system you can get it out!  No more will you be stuck if you find a SmartList that is missing ONE field!  With SmartList Builder you can reformat field types, can add complex calculations, include GoTos and Drilldowns. Now that eOne is taking back ownership of this awesome program, we can expect to see some significant improvements!

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