FAQs for Dynamics GP Add-On: Advanced SmartList

Our add-on solution for Dynamics GP; Advanced SmartList, is suitable for any Microsoft Dynamics GP user and helps analyze financial data and improve your business intelligence. This add-on solution also offers flexible data manipulation and navigation capabilities.

We have compiled answers to several of the most frequently asked questions relating to Encore’s Advanced SmartList product. Further details regarding this product can also be found online in the resources section of the Advanced SmartList Product page.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What is Advanced Smartlist?

Advanced SmartList is an add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP that will improve your reporting experience from within the Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList.  Advanced SmartList will give you drag and drop capabilities for grouping as well as the ability to set functional totals or count options for any column in the Smartlist and/or Grouped columns.  Advanced SmartList also provides the ability to set an unlimited number of filter criteria on the selected SmartList object to better refine your reporting and exporting needs.

2.    What is a Snapshot?

The Advanced SmartList Snapshot window provides a snapshot of the information as it appears in the Advanced SmartList window. If the information is filtered, sorted or grouped in the Advanced SmartList window, the new data subset along with the new formatting will be carried forward to the Advanced SmartList Snapshot window. The Advanced SmartList Snapshot window will have identical functionality as the Advanced SmartList window. You can move, add or remove columns, filter, sort or group the information as required.

3.    Can I compare two or more Advanced SmartLists without having to export the SmartList data?

Yes, by creating multiple Snapshots.

4.    What’s the difference between Advanced SmartList and SmartList Builder?

Advanced SmartList is not a replacement product for SmartList Builder. Advanced SmartList’s feature set enhances the SmartList user experience by creating an interactive query tool with “on the fly” summarization and reporting capability. Advanced SmartList is dependent on SmartList Favorites (objects) including those created by SmartList Builder. With Advanced SmartList’s drag and drop, click and point features, you can create a variety of datasets instantly, saving you time and money. Advanced SmartList enhances GP SmartList, SmartList Builder created SmartLists as well as GP’s SmartList Designer SmartLists.

5.    How do you enable/disable Advanced SmartList?

Open the Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList window.

To enable Advanced SmartList choose the Additional option on the Microsoft Dynamics GP tool bar to enable Advanced Smartlist. (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> SmartList >> Additional >> Enable Advanced SmartList)

To disable Advanced SmartList select the Red X on the upper right corner of any viewed Smartlist object.

6.    Are there additional Export Options with Advanced Smartlist?

Yes, you can choose to export to Excel with or without the Currency Symbol, as well as Export as XML.

7.    Are there limits to the filters you can add using Advanced Smartlist?

Advanced Smartlist has its own filter editor which allows you to create virtually unlimited filter criteria on your data. Additionally, you also have the ability to define multiple filtering criteria for the same column. Should you set filter criteria on a SmartList object, you have the option available to save this as a favorite for quick and easy access the next time you want to review data in the same formatted way.

If you have any additional questions regarding any of the great add-on products for Microsoft Dynamics GP that Encore has developed, feel free to reach out to me directly or call 204-235-2311 (Direct) or email us.

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