FAQs for Dynamics GP Add-On: ePayStub

Our add-on solution for Dynamics GPePayStub, is the right solution for those who want to email their Canadian employees pay documents: paystubs, T4s, T4As, or R1s.

We have compiled answers to several of the most frequently asked questions relating to Encore’s ePayStub and the custom T4/T4A Report Writer report package. Further details regarding this product can also be found online in the resources section of the ePayStub Product page.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Do I need registration keys for the report package?

Registration keys are not required for the Report Writer report package.

2.    How do I install the T4/T4A report package?

Installation instructions are included in the report package provided at the time of purchase.

3.    Is there a CHK File for the report package?

No there is not a CHK file to install. The report package is a Report Writer package file that you would import into Microsoft Dynamics GP and would then become part of the Canadian Payroll reports dictionary.

4.    Do I need a PDF writer for the T4/T4A report package?

For GP printing, no you do not. The reports can be printed from Microsoft Dynamics GP to a local printer. If you do have a PDF writer installed the reports can be printed from Dynamics GP by selecting the PDF printer option. Please note that you will need Adobe PDF writer if you are using ePayStub. Standard, Pro, and DC are all supported.

5.    Are these reports up to date with Year End Tax Updates?

Yes, they are up to date with the current Year End tax update for GP2013 to GP2018.

6.    Do I need to purchase the T4/T4A report package if we purchase the ePayStub Product?

No, you do not need to purchase the reports. These reports are provided free to users that have purchased the ePayStub product. Any report updates necessary in the future will be made available to you as part of your annual enhancement plan for the ePayStub product.

7.    If there are any changes made to the T4 and/or T4A report in the future would I need to repurchase the report package?

You would only need to repurchase the Report Writer report package if you are not using ePayStub or if you are using ePayStub but are not current on your maintenance plan. Updates to the T4 and T4A reports, based on CRA’s specifications, will be completed and maintained by Encore as required. The updated report package will be available for clients with a current maintenance plan at no additional charge. Clients who are using the reports only and do not own ePayStub would be required to repurchase the report package to access the updated reports.

8.    Does the report package include the summary report for both T4 and T4A?

No, it does not. However, we can provide a customized report solution, if required, at an additional cost. You can submit your request for such a customized solution here.

9.    Who do I contact for support if I require assistance?

Support requests can be submitted online by submitting your request here. You can also email your questions and support requests to our Product support team at support@encorebusiness.com.

If you have any additional questions regarding any of the great add-on products for Microsoft Dynamics GP that Encore has developed, feel free to reach out to me directly or call 204-235-2311 (Direct) or email us.

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