FAQs for Dynamics GP Add-On: Project Tracking

Our add-on solution for Dynamics GP; Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics, has been accredited as one of the most useful Dynamics GP add-ons for its flexibility, data integrity, and powerful analysis capabilities.

We have compiled answers to several of the most frequently asked questions relating to Project Tracking w/Advanced Analytics in this blog article. Further details regarding this product can also be found online in the resources section of the Project Tracking Product page.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Project Tracking work?

Starting with your GP transactions, Project Tracking w/Advanced Analytics provides the ability to attach/assign additional levels of detail which will then allow you to group and summarize for reporting purposes. Further details on this product can be found in the Online User manual available on the product page.

2. Where can I find the Project Tracking user manual?

The user manual will be found in your GP client directory, (ex: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP\Encore\PT).

You may also download an online version from our website under User Manuals from the Resources section on the Project Tracking product page https://www.encorebusiness.com/solutions/project-tracking-with-advanced-analytics/ 

3. Where can I find the latest version of Project Tracking?

The latest build is available for download from Product Downloads in the Resources section of the Product page on our website at: https://www.encorebusiness.com/solutions/project-tracking-with-advanced-analytics/

Should you require an older build download, please review the Product Archives Section to obtain an older build release.

4. I’ve just installed Project Tracking, and registered it, but I get an error “table missing” when I try to enter Project Tracking – Setup, is there something I’m missing?

Unfortunately, yes. You will need to run Table Conversion (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Maintenance >> Project Tracking >> Table Conversion and Utilities) to create the necessary SQL tables for Project Tracking.

5. Does Project Tracking need to be installed on all GP clients, or only those that will be entering and processing Project Tracking transactions?

Not only does Project Tracking need to be installed for all clients using Project Tracking, but it also needs to be installed on all clients that will be creating, posting or archiving GP transactions. This will ensure that one workstation creating Project Tracking transactions has the transactions properly posted to the Project Tracking tables if and when the GP batch is posted from another workstation.

6. Can security roles and tasks be set up for Project Tracking?

Yes, the Product is listed as Project Tracking, and the windows/reports can be found in the 3rd Party.

You can also use the Default Security Tasks and/or Role that was created when Table Conversion was run if you selected the option to Create Security Tasks.  Each Security Task will start with ENCORE PT.  There is also an ENCORE PT POWER USER role created which has access to all the Project Tracking Security tasks created. The advantage of using the default security tasks and roles is that Encore maintains these tasks and roles on future build enhancements.

Encore also offers Enhanced Project Security inside Project Tracking.  Enhanced Project Level security will allow you to limit access to specific tasks for specific Projects by User.  By default, Enhanced Project Security is not activated when Project Tracking is installed. Once activated, you must set security permissions for all current users. If desired, you can disable security later. Further details can be found in Chapter 3 in the Enhanced Project Security Section of the User manual.

7. The user ID shows up as a project in the list of available projects and during distribution when we assign GP transactions to projects. We deleted the project through Cards >> Projects and it shows up again. Is there a way to remove it?

By default, the User ID is the default Project ID when distributing a transaction to Project Tracking. Each user may choose to setup their own default Project ID by selecting the Default Project ID menu item in the Setup Pane of the Project Tracking Menu.

If you do not open the Project Tracking distribution window, a Project ID will not be assigned as the Project Tracking triggers will not run. This is the way to avoid assigning the transaction to a project – any project. The User ID project is a place to hold unassigned transactions and provides the ability to re-assign them to a valid project after posting. A ‘safety bucket’ of sorts. Within Project Tracking it is easy to move project information from one project to another without having to enter a transaction provided the correct GL account was assigned when the transaction was originally posted.  You may re-assign a transaction’s Project Tracking Details if needed using the Adjust Project Tracking Distributions window accessible from the Adjust Project Tracking Distributions item in the Transactions pane of the Project Tracking menu.

8. Is it possible to print the project distribution detail on the various Dynamics GP edit lists?

Encore has included several reports that may be altered in Report Writer to include project information.

Encore has also provided the necessary RW Functions that may be used to create calculated fields to pull onto your existing reports that will allow you to display Project Tracking details from the transaction and Project Maintenance Card as well.  Details regarding this option are described in detail in the Adding Project Tracking information to GP reports section of Appendix A of the user manual.

9. Can you integrate into Project Tracking?

Yes, you can integrate into Project Tracking.   Encore has written the SQL Validation Inserts to assist with your integrations.  The validation inserts are being used by clients who have built integrations utilizing eConnect or eOne’s SmartConnect.  Please contact Encore Support at support@encorebusiness.com to obtain a copy of the Validation inserts for your use.  Note:   The validation inserts provide a baseline for integrations and may require some slight ‘tweaking’ to meet your individual integration requirements.  You may also create imports using other 3rd party tools, however they have not been tested by Encore’s QA Team. Technical details may be found in the Project Tracking user manual.

10. Can distributions be split to multiple Projects?

Yes.  You may assign each GP distribution line to a project.  Additionally, and depending on the GP module and GP transaction you will be able to split a single GP Distribution line and assign it to more than one project.  Splitting a distribution amount and assigning it to multiple projects is not currently supported for Bank Transactions, Invoice Entry and Inventory transactions.  These transaction types have a one-to-one, distribution to project, requirement currently.

If you have any additional questions regarding any of the great add-on products for Microsoft Dynamics GP that Encore has developed, feel free to reach out to me directly or call 204-235-2311 (Direct) or email us.



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