How to Fill the Reporting Gaps in Dynamics 365 Business Central

We’ve been hard at work uncovering the truth behind the built-in financial reporting functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We know how important it is to easily build and analyze financial reports and have made it our mission to make sure you have all the tools you need to do it.

As we mentioned in a related blog post, Microsoft has loaded the newest cloud ERP solution with extensive reporting capabilities that would make any developer happy – but not necessarily your everyday Dynamics user. The average Joe doesn’t know how to build custom XML or understand the nuances of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, right?

To shed some light on these Dynamics 365 Business Central reporting usability pains, we’ve created a short SlideShare. You’ll get an understanding of what exists and a full overview of one of our products that can easily fill those gaps.

Watch the presentation below to get more informed on what’s included and get better prepared for month-end!

Don’t put your critical financial statements and ability to make strategic business decisions at risk. Trust your reporting to Jet Reports! Learn more about Jet Reports Financials, the fast and flexible financial reporting solution built for Dynamics 365.


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