Filters in Dynamics AX By Grid and With Cues

Filter by Grid

The most powerful view, filter by grid.

filters by grid dynamics ax
Filter by grid icon available on all AX list pages.


From any Microsoft Dynamics AX list page, apply filters to multiple columns in the grid to display a subset of the original records displayed.

The shortcut keystrokes to put a grid on any list page in Dynamics AX is ‘Ctrl’ + ’G’.  To have this default automatically by user profile for all list pages, in the main Dynamics AX window you must navigate to file -> tools ->options.  This will open the “Personalize user options” form.  In the General tab -> Interface options fast tab, check the box “Filter by grid on by default” to have this capability for all list forms in Dynamics AX per user:

filters by grid dynamics ax2 filters by grid dynamics ax3

To further limit the results: From any column in the grid hit the “down” arrow key after any value entry to view the filtering options.

Filters and Cues

Cues are added to the home page/role centers for a KPI and dashboard experience.

A cue is a type of Dynamics AX component that represents a query. A cue shows the number of the records that the query retrieves. You use cues to provide the information that appears in a cue group in the FactBox pane of a form.filters and cues dynamics ax

Cues are also used on role center pages for Enterprise Portal.  Cues are useful for end-users to customize and display relevant work information and duties in one area to increase productivity.  Use the “manage cue” link on the home page to organize the appearance of the end-user role center.

filters and cues dynamics ax2


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