The First 24 Hours At GPUG Summit

Tuesday Evening

We arrived at the hotel in Florida (where the temperature is HOT) at 7:40 PM and headed straight to the Convention Centre.  The grandeur of the Centre built our excited anticipation of what GPUG Summit was about to offer!

We registered, picked up our goodie bags, and headed for the Expo Hub.  It was like a Dynamics Wonderland!  If you ever were looking for any solution to your Dynamics process, HERE IT WAS!

Rows and rows of every add-on solution you could think of!

We spent our time browsing, nibbling on the wonderful gnashes GPUG provided and being giddy at the prospect of what this week would give us to take home.

Wednesday Morning

Keynote speaker Tony Dungy, a person with many notable credentials but mostly a man who knows how to pay it forward!

His quotes were amazing and inspiring! (Some of these are paraphrased)

  • Tony’s focus began by reviewing what creates a successful team; “Teamwork, Hardwork, and Accountability”
  • “Champions (successful people) do ordinary things better than anyone else”
  • The most important thing about Fundamentals is the “FUN”
  • Let’s not forget what it is all about:  Business, Families and Community (and NOT in that order!)
  • “You can have an impact anywhere you are”
  • “Talent is God given so be thankful; Praise is man given so be humble; Conceit is self-given so be careful”

Tony is very involved in an organization called Family First.  This organization focuses on ways to make healthy families.  Tony has given much back to his community, but his stories of respect for others who have given moved me most!  Thank you to people like Tony who share their time and resources to make our communities a better place!

Wednesday Session

Unlock the Magic of Refreshable Excel Dashboards – Mark Polino

It’s Excel Reports on steroids!  And ALL clients have access to this!

For all users from beginner to advanced!  Everyone knows Excel!  And EVERYONE can create these fancy and impressive dashboards without being a developer! Not just lists of data but charts, trends, fancy filters and it is easy!

I can hardly wait to share this with my next training class!  BI here we come!

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