Fixing the Voiding a Cheque Error in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

If Bank Reconciliation is already part of your daily work routine, you may have encountered this issue when voiding a cheque.

Some Microsoft Dynamics NAV users perform Bank Reconciliation on a monthly basis as part of their monthly preparation of the Financial Statement. Others prefer to do the reconciliation on a day-to-day basis due to high cash volume transactions. If your company processes hundreds of cheques and makes many deposits, reconciling the bank balance against book balance can be cumbersome.

This is when daily bank reconciliation benefits the company – where users create Bank Reconciliation and updates each bank reconciliation line items daily.

However, there is an issue in voiding of cheques if there is an open bank reconciliation worksheet.

To void a cheque in Dynamics NAV – In Cash Management go to Bank Account -> Check Ledger Entry, select the cheque -> Void Cheque

This is the error message appears when trying to void the cheque:
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Void Cheque 1

The error simply says that the cheque you are trying to void is not “Open” or not available for voiding. In fact, the cheque is not actually “Cleared” in the bank reconciliation line.

Dynamics NAV Void Check Issue 2

In essence, Dynamics NAV thinks that all cheques that been brought into the bank reconciliation worksheet are cleared, thus, all cheques are ‘Locked’ and assigned the “Check Entry Applied” Status.

How to Resolve this Issue

There are a few ways to work around this issue.

A.  Complete and post the Bank Reconciliation first before voiding the cheque
B.  Delete the open bank reconciliation worksheet then void the cheque
C.  Delete the cheque in the bank reconciliation line, then void the cheque

I prefer the last option – C.  Deleting the cheque line only in the bank reconciliation and void the cheque.

Here are the steps:

1.  Go to Bank Reconciliation -> Actions -> Clear Lines

2.  Enter the cheque number in the “Document No” field

3.  Click Ok – this will only delete the cheque number you have entered

Micorosft Dynamics NAV 3

4.  Go to the Check Ledger Entry – and you can now void the cheque

Dynamics NAV Void Check Error

The error in voiding cheque will no longer prevent you from doing the daily bank reconciliation with above simple steps.

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