Free Advanced SmartList for Microsoft Dynamics GP Clients!

Encore Business Solutions, a trusted Microsoft Dynamics Partner and ISV, has developed a series of modules for clients using Microsoft Dynamics GP. Our stable and mature solutions are being used by more than 1,000 clients in 17 different countries worldwide.

Qualify for a Set of Registration Keys for Advanced SmartList

Between the months of September and December 2019, if you register for and attend one of our Encore Product webinars, you will qualify for a set of registration keys for our Advanced SmartList add-on for Microsoft Dynamics GP that will remain valid for one year. That’s right, we will give you a set of keys to use Advanced SmartList and there is absolutely no obligation to purchase.

Advanced SmartList is a seamless extension to GP’s SmartList. It’s easy to install and quick to learn – is 5 minutes quick enough? Now for the best part: The license key is based on your GP Site License, and not your GP user count, so by you attending a webinar and requesting a registration key, all users who access GP’s SmartList will experience immediate productivity gains once Advanced SmartList has been installed. Who knows, you might even be named the ‘Employee of the Week’ as a result!

At the end of the year, your keys will expire, as will the added functionality and productivity gains. But wait, there’s good news! To obtain a set of permanent registration keys at the end of the one year, it will only cost you $800 plus 20% annual maintenance. That’s right, you can continue to leverage the functionality Advanced SmartList provides for long after the one year offer for minimal investment.

It gets even better. You may have learned about Advanced SmartList by attending a webinar showcasing another Encore developed module. If you purchase the other module, we will give you the Advanced SmartList module completely free after the one year is up. That’s right, you will not need to purchase the module to continue to use it, you will only need to activate a maintenance plan which is billed annually at 20% of the list price. That’s only $160! Yes, you heard right – $160! So, what are you waiting for? Register for one of our webinars – Encore just might have the solution to your pain.

Project Tracking w/Advanced Analytics – Flexible, Quick to Implement, Easy to Use

Project Tracking is the right solution for those who need to:

  1. Allocate revenue and expenses to projects
  2. Track project costs and/or revenue across fiscal years
  3. Measure actual costs against estimates and budgets
  4. Access powerful desktop inquiry and reporting capabilities

Subscription Billing – Scalable, Efficient, Reliable, Accurate

Subscription Billing is the right solution for those who need to:

  1. Generate accurate, timely invoices on a recurring basis
  2. Manage volume and multiple cycles efficiently
  3. Leverage variable billing and revenue recognition options

Encore’s Bank Reconciliation Tools – Account and Auto Reconciler

Simplify your bank reconciliation process.

  1. Account Reconciler – reconcile your bank statement using the transactions that have posted to the checkbook’s general ledger account
  2. Auto Reconciler – Import transactions from an external file source to automatically match bank transactions with Microsoft Dynamics GP checkbook transactions

Canadian Payroll Add-Ons – ePayStub and PayCode Mass Update

  1. ePayStub – Effortlessly and securely email employee payroll documents from Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Canadian Payroll module.
    Instantaneously deliver paystubs, T4’s, T4A’s and R1’s to employees
    • Save time by eliminating the need to print, fold and stuff envelopes
    • Save money on paper and postage costs
  2. Paycode Mass Update – Quickly and easily update a large number of employee paycodes and vacation pay percentages for multiple employees all at once from within a single window

Request One Year Advanced SmartList Registration Keys

If you have any questions about Encore’s add-on products for Dynamics GP, please feel free to contact us.

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