FREE Dynamics GP Add-on Apps from WilloWare

We love WilloWare, a developer of Dynamics GP add-on solutions .  With 30 add-on features and over 50 tweaks designed to improve areas in GP, WilloWare provides four of these features at no cost, simply register, install and use.

GPTalk is a text messaging utility that runs securely inside of Dynamics GP. Enable quick communication between users, or send a broadcast message to all users. The broadcast function is password controlled.

Color Settings is a utility for tweaking the GP user interface.  Color Settings provides a very detailed level of control over the appearance of the line color on scrolling windows, text, window backgrounds, buttons, column headings, tools bars, and more.  Some uses for Color Settings are:

  • Make the windows different colors in different companies (i.e. so you do not forget you are logged into a test company)
  • Simplify scrolling window colors so they work better onCitrix and Terminal Server remote sessions (i.e. eliminate the “invisible line” syndrome)
  • Create high-contrast displays for difficult viewing environments, like a shop floor

SpellCheck for Dynamics GP provides spell-checking on any Note, Comment, Text or String field in GP and 3rd party products.  SpellCheck can be attached to any text entry field in the application.  Use SpellCheck to check spelling on:

  • Notes & Comments attached to Customer Invoices
  • Notes & Comments attached to Purchase Orders
  • Routing Instructions in Manufacturing

NOTE:  SpellCheck requires the following Microsoft Office Components:

  • Microsoft Word (any version)
  • Office Proofing Tools

Client Version Tracking is a utility for managing the configuration of every Dynamics GP client in your system.  When each client connects to the server, Client Version Tracking records the version information of every dexterity product installed on the client.  Version information for all clients can be viewed in the Client Version Information window, where the view can be restricted by client computer or module, or a “Conflicts Only” view that just shows client/modules with version conflicts.  An optional setting prevents GP clients with conflicts from logging-in to GP until the conflicts are resolved.

Register on WilloWare’s site to gain access to these free apps and let us know which one(s) you plan to use!



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