Frequently Asked Questions About Upgrading to Dynamics GP 2015

There is great value moving to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. As an existing user, upgrading to Dynamics GP 2015 gives you access to almost every available module. Applying these new and relevant modules into other areas of your business will provide a more cohesive operation by allowing you to effectively use an ERP-built solution to its fullest. Leveraging these new offerings will enable further efficiencies across teams and the organization.

Our Dynamics GP team works closely with companies using Dynamics GP who want to upgrade.  Here are the top Frequently Asked Questions we get from customers who are entering into the planning stages of their upgrade to GP 2015.

1. Do I get any software for free under the new licensing model?

The new licensing is known as Perpetual Licensing, introduced with the release of GP 2013, and it offers 4 Packs that include a number of modules that were (back in the day) originally purchased separately as needed.  If you own a module within those Packs you will receive everything in that Pack.

2. How does the new licensing impact the cost of my annual enhancement plan?

Even though you gain access to all these modules, with lots of additional functionality, this does NOT change the cost of your annual enhancement plan.  So long as you continue to renew before the Microsoft due date, this new licensing will not affect the enhancement cost (unless you decided to purchase additional users).

3. I deactivated users and modules we didn’t use in the past, does that affect anything?

Yes, there is one caveat when upgrading to GP 2015.  If you’ve deactivated any modules or users in the past, technically you must wait 36 months to upgrade.  To avoid the waiting period you must increase your system list price to the original dollar figure.  That doesn’t mean to say you need to repurchase the modules you deactivate, you can always add users to increase it back to the original value.

4. Besides the “Full” User license, what other user license options are there?

With Dynamics GP 2013 came the introduction of Limited Users.  This user is the Light User replacement, and allows those team members read-only access into Dynamics GP.  Like a Full Access User, user security applies and requires set up to provide those users only access to the screens and reports needed to do their job.  The best part is that these users are a fraction of the price of a Full User and if you had Light Users in the past, you already own some!

What About Self-Service Users?

With the release of Dynamics GP 2015 came the Self-Serve User, a named user that is used with some of the new features such as requisition creation, time and expense entry, and workflow.  The difference between the Self-Serve user and the Limited user, is that the latter can also run reports, and complete inquiries in Dynamics GP. When transitioning to GP 2015, you may receive Limited or Self-Serve Users.  If you do, and wish to keep them, you will require a SQL license.  To better understand how to remain compliant with the Microsoft  License Agreement, contact you Encore Account Executive.

5. Are Extender, SmartList Builder and Collections Management still supported?

As part of this new licensing, Microsoft transitioned some modules; Extender, SmartList Builder and Collections Management to the original Microsoft partners who developed them.  If you use these modules, they will continue to work, uninterrupted within your Dynamics environment.  But make note, come your renewal time, these will be listed separately from your Dynamics renewal.

6. Can I continue to use FRx for my financial reporting?

Don’t forget, Microsoft announced the end of life for FRx, and introduced its replacement Management Reporter with the release of GP 2010.  In GP 2010 you were able to continue using FRx, however it has been announced that FRx will no longer function with GP 2015, so when upgrading you will need to migrate to the new financial reporting tool, Management Reporter.  Best part? There are unlimited Designer and Viewer Users.

7. Are the Payroll and Human Resource modules really FREE now?

The Payroll and Human Resources modules have always been licensed and sold based on employee counts.  Moving forward, not only are both of these modules included in the Starter Pack, there are no longer employee count limits.

8. How can I get access to the GP 2015 registration keys?

Like all new versions, GP 2015 registration keys will be available on CustomerSource, however unlike past versions, in order for the new keys to be published on CustomerSource Encore must order them from Microsoft.  Don’t worry, it’s just a formality and is of no cost, though, due to some of the above changes listed a Perpetual Licensing Transition Agreement needs to be signed and returned to Encore.

9. How do we get started with the upgrade planning?

Encore has upgrade experts, if you are interested in having Encore complete your upgrade, simply fill in our GP 2015 Upgrade Checklist and return it to us and we can start the process rolling!

10. Is GP 2015 all about licensing changes or are there new features in this release?

As always new functionality is added to new version releases.  It was announced that there are over 250 new features, so hopefully there is something in there for you to take advantage of.  Read all about these in the What’s New in GP 2015 manual!

11. Has anything been discontinued with GP 2015?

There are a number of modules and functions that will be discontinued when upgrading to Dynamics GP 2015.

Business Portal

Microsoft has decided to discontinue the development of Business Portal and focus instead on including most of the same functionalities directly into the core code base of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.  These replacement functionalities are available to anyone using one of the concurrent Client Access Licenses (CALs) to access the application.

Specifically, the following Business Portal modules will not be available in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 but will be available in the core code base:

  • Business Portal
  • Business Portal Employee Users
  • Business Portal Customer Users
  • Time and Expense for Business Portal
  • Time and Attendance
  • Employee Pay
  • Employee Profile
  • Recruitment
  • Skills and Training
  • Requisition Management
  • SOX Accelerator for Business Portal

Also, the following Business Portal functionalities will not be available in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and are not planned for replacement:

  • Order Management
  • PDK
  • eService
  • eReturns

If you are using any of these, please contact us for alternative solutions.

I hope these answer some of your questions, and help you better understand the changes and advantages of upgrading.  If you are ready to start planning your upgrade, please contact us today: I’m ready to upgrade!

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