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The software/IT industry has been steadily migrating towards a managed services model and away from the pay per use model delivered via ‘Billable Hours’. Managed services offers customers predictable costs, better services, more services, and a better end user experience. So far, the Managed Services model has yet to truly hit the ERP software marketplace. While there are ‘all you can eat’ support plans available, they typically have a less than a 10% adoption rate and fail to deliver the experience ERP users are looking for. At Encore we’ve been watching this shift for a while and have designed a unique, customer focused, approach to Managed Services with Encore Care, for Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV and Microsoft Cloud customers.

We wanted to provide a plan to our customers that offered more than just unlimited support. While unlimited support is the focal point, we’ve packaged in many valuable benefits for a low monthly fee. As an example, the Encore Care plan consists of value-adds like unlimited refresher training on deployed modules, unlimited orientation training for new users and unlimited installation on new PCs.

In addition; in the new world of the Encore Care model, we are now offering financing for your current Microsoft Enhancement Plan for a small fee rather than paying the annual lump sum payment, which can come as an unwelcome surprise if it hasn’t been budgeted for. Predictable monthly transactions take the sting away from those huge costs associated with the traditional annual payment model. This makes it much easier to confidently plan all your ERP finances for the year to come.

Other valuable benefits that come with the Encore Care packages are:

  • A dedicated account representative
  • Onsite visits in local centres
  • Regular account reviews
  • Increased oversight into support usage
  • Pre-qualified discounts on new purchases of ERP and CRM
  • Discount on moving from on-premise to the cloud
  • Payroll tax updates (Optional add-on to the standard package)

The Managed Support + Upgrades package enables you to both finance and fix price your upgrade through Encore Care; a painless and predictable way of taking care of necessary upgrades to ensure you’re always on the latest release of your solution.

In a traditional support services model, all support requests would have to be funneled through one representative at a company, which limits the experience each end user has with the software and with the service provider. This funneled support system tends to cause a degradation of the solution, since users may end up generating inefficient workarounds, instead of fixing the issues immediately at the source. In signing up for Encore Care, you’re able to get regular, collaborative support and cost certainty. We want you to love your system, and continue to love it for years to come.

If you have questions about signing up for Encore Care or are interested in more details, please contact us.

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