Getting Started With Prophix 11 SP1

Getting Started With Prophix 11 SP1: New Features

Within Prophix 11 SP1 the biggest feature everyone has been looking forward to was Template Studio. Template Studio completely revamps the way you would build out your Prophix Reports, since Template Designer is being phased out on the long run. Users are encouraged to use Template Studio instead. You have the ability to open any existing Template Designer Template within Template Studio. (Be forewarned that there are some features that will not completely translate over).  Also note that Template Studio will be less bug-prone than Template Designer, and that bug fixes will be issued for Template Studio, but not Template Designer going forward. Overall, the use of Template Studio’s stylesheets and standards make life a lot easier when you’re mass producing reports. Currently, the offline process does not support the templates created within Template Studio.

Template Designer to Studio

To convert an existing Template Designer to the new Template Studio:

  1. Open Template Designer and open the existing Report
  2. Save as another file
  3. Open Template Studio and make sure Template Designer is closed
  4. Click on Open change the File Type to Template (Template Designer)
  5. Locate your old Template and Open it in Template Studio


Prophix Template Designer


Prophix Template Studio

The new Dimension Selector within Prophix Template Studio will include “blank”; this will also be converted when going from Template Designer to Template Studio.

Prophix Dimension Selector

Additional Prophix 11 SP1 Features

Prophix Document Explorer

Prophix 11 SP1 includes anew ribbons for:

  • Document Explorer
  • Audit Log
  • Report Binder
  • Financial Controller
  • System Monitor

These new ribbons include new features and make existing features easier to access. For example, for Document Explorer the options to Pin to Home, Pin for All Users or Pin for Specific Users is now even easier.

In addition to User Interface Improvements, you have added support for Sharepoint; you can publish Prophix Documents to Sharepoint securely using SSL.  Also, Line Item Details are not restricted to a particular data cell, you can use a drop down list to choose other dimensional combinations. Last but not least, Detailed Planning now includes an IF function for use in calculations.

Prophix Software Documentation

Another new feature that Prophix Software has introduced is the Online Help Guide. Located at:

Prophix Documentation

This is a full fledged guide of how to use the features and functions that are now available to Prophix 11 SP1.

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