Dynamics GP 2013 R2: Copy and Paste Entries from Excel to the GL

DYNAMICS GP 2013 R2 NEW FEATURE: COPY and PASTE Journal Entries from Excel to the General Ledger!

This is an enhancement that everyone has been waiting for! With the release of GP 2013 R2 you can now copy journal entries from an Excel spreadsheet and paste them directly in to the Financial Transaction Entry screen.

All you need to do is to highlight the journal entries that you would like to copy from Excel and click the paste option in the Financial Transaction Entry screen to bring the data into Microsoft Dynamics GP. The data that is being pasted to the General Ledger would be validated and in the case of any errors the validation error report would be printed showing the user areas requiring corrections.

  1. You need to make sure that the Excel file contains the following four columns: Account Description, Account, Debit, and Credit. They need to be in the exact same order:
copy and paste gp r2
  • Account Description – the column header is required but the actual account description is not.
  • Account – General Ledger account number.
  • Debit – transaction debit amount for the corresponding account.
  • Credit – transaction credit amount for the corresponding account.
  • Alias –can be added if Analytical Accounting is used but it is not a required column.
  1. Copy the data from the Excel spreadsheet. Ensure that you don’t copy the column headings, otherwise, you will receive an error when you paste the journal entries into the Financial Transaction Entry window.
  1. Open the Financial Transaction Entry window by going to Financial >> Transaction >> General and select the following:
  • Transaction type (standard or reversing)
  • Transaction date
  • Source Document code
  • Reference
  • Currency ID
gp transaction entry
  1. Place the cursor in the Account field and click on the Paste option at the top of the menu bar.
gp copy paste microsoft dynamics

If any errors are detected in the data you are pasting, the GL Transaction Paste Validation Report will print and the journal entry will not get copied. You would need to revise the data in the Excel spreadsheet and copy and paste it into the Transaction Entry again. If no errors are encountered, journal entries copied from Excel spreadsheet will get pasted into the Transaction Entry window.

 dynamcis gp r2 GL

***Note: Do not copy the column headings or you will receive errors when you paste the data into your transaction entry. You do need to copy column 1 for Account Description even if you are not importing this information.


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