GPUG SUMMIT 2015: Top New Learnings and Valuable Reminders

I just wrapped up my week at GPUG Summit and I am so excited to share some of the tidbits I have learned or been reminded of that I can share with you!

This is only a taste. Watch for future blogs that will further explain how to use these features or contact us at Encore.

1.  Security Procedures

  • We have all heard it before:  Protect your ‘sa’ password! This means give it to no one that is not a SQL user!   The problem with using ‘sa’ to do anything in GP is that it is like an anonymous user.  If someone gets in and performs something they shouldn’t ‘sa’ will not identify who that user was!
  • So how will we create new users, or add security?  In SQL Management Studio assign a GP user to have SysAdmin role from within SQL.  Loads of security reasons to do it this way!

2.  SQL Report Security

  • Use Groups!  This will help to ease the assignment of access to specific companies/folders/reports.
  • Did you know you can change the chart format of the report you are looking at?
    Find and select the report on the Navigation list and click the Edit Report button.

GPUG Summit 1With security to the Report Builder you can change the chart type.

3.  Multicurrency – Let’s Go Deep

  • Different functional currencies?  No problem!  The new MR functionality on the web lets you toggle between currencies!
GPUG Summit 2
  • And don’t forget that now, even if you aren’t using Multicurrency, each company requires a Functional and Reporting currency set up in the Multicurrency setup window (From the Financial Content page > Setup > Multicurrency), so it doesn’t break our MR Datamart!

4.  SQL SQL SQL Everywhere! 

  • Ever heard of CTEs?  Common Table Expression.  They can be your new best friend!  Create tables, Nest tables and get the results from the queries you need!  Who knew you could do this – and know what it means!
    • With cteCustTotals (CUSTNMBR, CUSTNAME, TotalAmount) as (Select c.CUSTNMBR, c.CUSTNAME, sum(s.DOCAMNT) as TotalAmount from RM00101 c join SOP30200 s on s.CUSTNMBR = c.CUSTNMBR and s.SOPTYPE = 3 group by c.CUSTNMBR, c.CUSTNAME)
    •  Select CUSTNMBR, CUSTNAME, TotalAmount, case when TotalAmount < 1000 then ‘1’ when TotalAmount < 5000 THEN ‘2’  when TotalAmount < 10000 then ‘3‘ when TotalAmount < 20000 then ‘4’ when TotalAmount < 50000 then ‘5’ else ‘6’ end as CustLevel from cteCustTotals order by TotalAmount

5.  System Wide Functionality and Tools

  • Word Template Generator? Too cumbersome?  You can automate Word template creation by adding the line IsWebClient=TRUE to your Dex.ini file > Render the report >Then find it in the word templates.  Don’t forget to remove this line from your Dex.ini file after you have rendered the report or every report rendered will continue to create a word template.

6.  SmartLists Designer

  • WOW!  They have added a workflow to approve any report created.
  • The approval also creates a SQL View that can be used over and over.
  • The workflow can also notify IT to update security to the new SmartList and grant access to the view.

7.  Mekorma/Winthrop

  • New GP Power Tools replaces the old Support Debugger Tools.  This new version is a step up from the old!  Among its improvements, it provides a utility to validate all companies and users.  So if you have stranded companies or users you can easily identify and clear them out before doing an update or upgrade.  Saves you tons of potential challenges!
  • Multi-batch Print & Post is being further developed to offer the ability to build, print  and post for all batches and for all companies from one window.  Easy!  50 companies?  No problem… no logging in/out over and over to accommodate the select check processes.  You can access all companies from one window!

8.  New System Wide Tools

  • Wow!  Who knew?  One of my favourites – Take the company off-line for updates and service.
  • Send all the users an e-mail or reminder on their home page to advise them there will be service done on a particular date.
  • If they log in while the company is off-line, they will receive a message that the company is off-line!  This is great if you are planning something like checklinks and want users to stay out of the system while running the process!

9.  AP New Feature

  • Warn if vendor has an existing Purchase order.  This can prevent reorders or missing of volume discounts.  If the vendor already has a Purchase Order, you will be given the option to view all of these and decide what the best solution will be.


These are only a few of the ‘tidbits’ I got from GPUG Summit. Next year is planned for Tampa, Florida October 11th to 14th.  So plan for this awesome conference.  Three days packed solid with information to make your ERP better!  Hope to see you

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