How to Attach Notes and Documents in Dynamics 365 Business Central

This article will go over how to attach notes and documents inside Dynamics 365 Business Central.

For this example, I will be working in a sales invoice, but this feature is available in other transactional and master record windows.

Once you’re in a sales invoice, you will notice a fact box on the right-hand side of your screen that shows Attachments and Notes.

Screenshot in a sales transaction highlighting the Attatchement and Notes section.


To add an attachment, click on the ‘0’ to the right of the Documents section. A popup will open, allowing you to select the file you wish to attach:

Screenshot of the "Edit - Attatched Documents" popup in Business Central.

Once you’ve selected your file, this information will populate in this same window, and you can continue adding more files here if you wish.

Screenshot of the "Edit - Attatched Documents" window in Business Central with a file attatched.

Once you’re finished adding files, click close and you can see the number of files attached to your transaction on the right-hand side of the Documents section.

Screenshot inside a sales invoice highlighting the number of documents attatched.

Once the transaction is posted, it will always have these documents attached. This is great if you’re planning to go paperless in your organization; you don’t have to print your documents anymore and file them away.

Another way to utilize this feature is by attaching documents to journal entries and general journals for future audit purposes. This provides a quick way to access background information on various transactions.


To add notes to a transaction, click the + icon next to ‘Notes,’ and a popup will open where you can leave comments.

Screenshot inside a sales invoice highlighting the 'Notes' section under Attatchments. Screenshot of the "Add a Note" popup.

After pressing ‘OK,’ you will notice a date stamp and the user who added the note populated below the note.

Screenshot in a sales invoice highlighting the "Notes" added.

You can continue adding more notes; any user leaving a note in a given transaction will appear there. This is great for maintaining a history as to what’s been happening with a transaction or vendor.

Watch this short video for a complete walkthrough:

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