How to Automate Dynamics 365 Document Creation

The Dynamics 365 Word Template allows users to quickly generate Word documents with data from Dynamics 365. The Microsoft Word interface makes it easy to create and manage the template with no coding experience. Typically, the Word Template can only be applied to one CRM record at a time. In this blog, I’m going to share how to apply a Word Template to multiple records in Dynamics 365 and further process the documents in Microsoft (MS) Flow for storage.

In this example, I’m going to generate an Account Summary Word Template on a list of accounts and retrieve the generated Word documents. Then I will save them to SharePoint or I could email them.

The first step is to create a CRM workflow that invokes the action on the template. The SetWordTemplate action allows users to generate a document using a selected Word Template and attach it to a record.


The above workflow creates a Note with an attachment. The next step is to process the newly created file in MS Flow. The Flow will monitor the newly created Note and pick up the Note with an attachment file name of “Account Summary.docx”. Additional checks can be added to filter the result.

With the attachment retrieved in Flow, you can either create the file in SharePoint or email it as an attachment.

After the the Word document is saved to a SharePoint location or it has been emailed, the attachment in the Note still exists in Dynamics 365. If you choose to delete the Word Template, this can be done in the same Flow:

Delete Word Template File From CRM

By leveraging the Dynamics 365 Word Template, workflow, and MS Flow, you can achieve document automation capability without coding or custom report development. With these capabilities Dynamics 365 is empowering end users.

If you have any questions about document automation in Dynamics 365, please connect with us.

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