How to Disable a Plugin Step in CRM

Do you ever need to stop a specific plugin from triggering in CRM? If you know what entity and event it is triggered on, and you are able to identify it when you see it, you do not need a developer to turn it off for you. As long as you have the security role to alter the contents of a CRM solution, you can turn it off yourself!

To demonstrate, let us use an example. In this example we have a plugin that triggers on Account Update (Pre-operation). What it does is of lesser relevance here. However, users must be able to identify the correct plugin instance. Note that it is possible to have multiple plugin steps registered on the same event and same entity, so that is why it is crucial to know beforehand which one you are looking to disable.

The screenshot of this CRM solution above shows all the customizations and components there are in this organization. If you click on the Sdk Message Processing Steps on the left pane, it will navigate to the page shown.

Suppose you know that the highlighted plugin is the one you want to stop running (by the name or description, or combination of entity and event). What you need to do is select the line, and click on the Deactivate button.

Likewise, if you need to turn it back on, follow the same steps but click the Activate button instead. It’s that simple!



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